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Selecting Embroidery Stabilizers

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fashion directory  Buy Embroidery Supplies and Stabilizer  : they offer the highest quality embroidery stabilizers designed by Fred Lebow. They have a backing or topping for just about every application. They also offer many other high quality supplies like Organ Needles, Robison Anton Thread, Marathon Thread, and Coats and NEB Pre-wound Bobbins.  Dayton, Ohio Phone (888) 369-9495 Contact: Mark Rhodus  e-mail:  

fashion directory  Hoop-It-All (Prescott Valley, AZ): they are manufacturers of incredible sewing machine embroidery hoops and revolutionary stabilizers.  At their website you will find information regarding the Medium and Big Cap Hoop-It-All hoops, Giant square Hoop-It-All, Giant-L Hoop-It-All, Super Giant-L Hoop-It-All, Giant R8 Double-Wide Hoop-It-All, Quilters Double Wide, Double-Wide, Super Giant Double Wide Hoop-It-All hoops.

fashion directory  Freudenberg: Freudenberg Nonwovens is an innovative, quality-driven, preferred, global partner for technically demanding applications, made of Nonwovens. Theye offer products and services which provide the best value for their customers.

fashion directory  HTCW Inc.: they sell high quality interfacings and stabilizers to major distributors across the US and Canada.  Their fabrics are used for embroidery, crafts, sewing, quilting, fashion, and more.  To learn where you can purchase there items in your local area, please contact them by calling 1-800-275-4275 or you can view their distributors
page.  They sell
Embroidery Cutaway Soft, Embroidery Cutaway Medium, Embroidery Cutaway Super, Embroidery Tearaway Firm, Embroidery Tearaway Soft , Rinse Away Tearaway Embroidery Stabilizer , RinseAway Water Soluble Embroidery Topping , H2O Gone , Wet n' Set Tearaway , Wet n' Set Cutaway , "No-Show " Nylon Mesh , "No-Show" Fusible Nylon Mesh ,

fashion directory  John Solomon Inc (USA)  [Division of QST Industries] John Solomon Inc. is a leading private label supplier of embroidery backings in the US. They are now reaching Latin America and Europe.  Their goods come either shrink wrapped per 500 pcs or on perforated rolls of 100 yards. These can be private labeled with your ID or with JSI labels and tubes if you prefer to take advantage of their promotions and ads.

fashion directory  Sulky International: their complete selection of stabilizers offer the perfect solution for every project. There are tear-away stabilizers, cut-away stabilizers, water soluble stabilizers, and more.  From computerized embroidery, quilting and all types of decorative sewing embellishment, Sulky has the right stabilizer, project book, and type, weight and size spool of decorative thread to ensure perfect results.  They also provide Embroidery thread, spray adhesives and more.

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