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Stabilizers provide a smooth surface so stitches lay parallel and cooperate with each other.  Stabilizers often will give embroidery a better finished look and help prevent puckering and bunching of stitches.  Stabilizers have two primary methods: Tear-Away, Temporary Stabilizers and Cut-Away, Permanent Stabilizers.

Tear-Away (temporary backings) is available in several weights and can be used in single or multiple layers. It is recommended for use with medium to heavyweight fabrics and densely stitches designs.  The backing needs to be torn away carefully in order not to disturb the stitching of your design.  This method is not recommended for delicate fabrics.
A few types of tear-way stabilizers:
Cut-Away Stabilizers (permanent backings) are meant to remain with the garment.  It washes well and is beneficial for jobs where the stabilizer comes in contact with the skin.
A few types of Permanent Stabilizers
When determining which stabilizer is best for your product, you will need to evaluate the type of fabric, weight of fabric, density of stitches, the embroidery design, and other factors.  You should also conduct wash testing to see how well your garment performs with the embroidery before going to mass production.

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