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An aroma is a distinctive, pervasive, and usually pleasant or savory smell.  Similarly, a scent is a distinctive smell, especially one that is pleasant.  Let's be honest, we all want our clothing to have a nice fragrance.

Aroma Textiles Lab: Textiles Lab is a full-service scenting facility based in Montreal, QC. Using our exclusive Scentsual ® technology, we are able to scent a variety of fabrics with essential and fragrance oils. Scent is infused into the fabrics for long-lasting results. From intimates to accessories, leather to home goods, we have a scent solution for every brand.  Address: 76 Maple, Hudson QC J0P1J0 855-945-3336 virginia@aromatextileslab.com  explore@aromatextileslab.com Virginia Marcolin - Founder/CEO Aroma

The smell of textiles is important.