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Baum Textile Mills : A family run business since 1955, Baum Textile Mills, Inc. is a producer of the finest quality fabrics for the home sewing industry. Building a distinguished reputation for the finest fleeces and flannels on the market, Baum trademarked its exclusive WinterFleece™ "Velour Finish", a process that allows for extraordinary detail, and the softest hand available on its WinterFleece™ and Weatherblock™ fabrics. Baum Textiles features an extensive selection of these fabrics for both retail and manufacturing clients.
Briggs Textile Mill : their Company has developed, manufactured and supplied quality cotton and synthetic textiles to various markets since 1930.  Their focus as a fabric/flannel supplier includes cotton flannels, twills, canvas and sheetings.  They maintain large inventories of their cotton flannel fabrics and woven twills, canvas duck, muslin and sheeting. They offer custom developed fabrics for specific end uses which include sateen, osnaberg, organic flannel, and grey flannel. Natural and synthetic fabrics including polyesters.

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