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Yarn Dyed Fabric

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Are you familiar with the meaning of Yarn Dyed Fabric?  If not, you can find the definition in the textile and apparel glossary on Apparel Search.  In summary, Yarn Dyeing is essentially yarn which has een dyed prior to the weaving of the fabric.  The dyeing of the yarn takes place following the spinning of the yarn.  This can be done either by total immersion of the yarn or partial immersion of the yarn.  Yarn dying is different then dyeing and finishing fabric.  Again, the "yarn dye" process is done to the yarn "before" it is turned into fabric. 

Dyeing is the process of coloring fibers, fabrics, or clothing.  In terms of Yarn Dyed Fabric, the coloring was added to the yarns prior to the fabric being produced.

If you are interested, you can learn more about the textile dyeing processes and also learn more about yarn at the Apparel Search website.

If you would like to further research yarn dyes, you can read below:

Yarn Dye - Merriam-Webster

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