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Fill power is a number that denotes the quality of down. The higher the fill power, the fluffier the feathers. These fluffy, or lofty, feathers trap air pockets that create a layer of insulation between the cold air and your body. Since this depends on the quality of feathers, rather than the quantity, comforters with a fill power of 750 actually weigh less than those with a fill power of 500. The lower the fill power, the more feathers required to achieve the same level of warmth.

Fill weight is the quantity of down in comforters, jackets, sleeping bags, etc. The more feathers, the higher the fill weight.

CUIN measures insulation in regard to down.  CUIN stands for cubic inches per once and indicates how much volume (cubic inches) is filled by one ounce (27.3 grams) of down.  For simplicity sake, we can say that the higher the CUIN value of a jacket, the better it insulates (assuming everything else equal).  

Mix of down and feathers: Down binds more air than feathers and also offers better insulation. This means that the higher the percentage of down in a jacket, the better the insulation compared to a jacket of the same weight. If you see information such as "90/10", this means that for every 100 grams of padding in your jacket, 90 grams are down.

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fashion directory  China Feather & Down Industry Association: China Feather and Down Industrial Association was founded on October 10,1994. It is a social organized community by those enterprise, scientific institutes, and units which produce feather and down and articles of this sort, is an inter-department and proprietorship organization, and is a state class one association under the direction of China National Council of Light Industry. CFDIA has 280 members including 5 reputable members from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and abroad. Secretary General leads daily work at Beijing secretary office. Based on development of China feather and down industry, CFDIA is playing a role of tie between government and manufacturers, provides all kinds of services, such as respond suggestions and requirements of members,make developing proposal, enact standard, organize technical forum, hold exhibition, release information, make intercourse among members, and so on. CFDIA has joined in International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB) and become one of six Presidential Board members in July,1996. Therefore, CFDIA values external communication and collaboration, such as organize lectures with foreign experts, organize overseas visit, survey with entrepreneurs, absorb new technology and new equipment. CFDIA welcomes any colleague to join in the association, set up connections from home and abroad, and participate in our activities. Through the communication, CFDIA will do its best to promote feather and down with overall colleagues throughout the world.

fashion directory  De Vries Holland Feather & Down  (Holland): De Vries Holland Feather & Down is part of the Beuth Group, a group of companies founded by Marcus Rafael Beuth in 1847 and taken over in 1962 by K. de Vries & Zoon B.V. (est. 1919). The origin of both organizations is the processing and trade of chicken, duck and goose feathers and down.

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Feather Industries Limited (Canada): processor of feather and down.

fashion directory  Hoplion Feather Work Corp: they have come along way and are now one of the most experienced professional feather products manufacturer in South East Asia.  Their firms four generation of strong family roots have built a growing, dynamic company ready to serve your need.  Their products are categorized in three groups. Feather& Down, bedding and Garment from industrial to consumer goods. Representative consumer products include comforters, quilts, pillows, sleeping bags and skiing jackets.  Besides serving the local market, their products are also exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and several other countries. Their excellent quality has won them several awards from the Board of Foreign Affairs, the excellent Exporter Medals. They have set up several distribution centers in important locations of the world; Production-wise, they have two factories (one of in Taiwan and one in China) and working force of more than 800 employees; they also have affiliates in Canada.   Address:  12th FI.,No58,Section 3,Min-Chaun East Road Taipei 104  Taiwan  Phone:  02-2501-7675 or  0926292692(Cell Phone) Fax:  02-501-7883  Email: hoplion@www.hoplion.com.tw  Contact:  Peter Chen

fashion directory  Interplume (France): The Interplume group consists of 4 companies covering the whole of France: Interplume S.A., SAG Plumes & Peaux, BB Plume Bresse-Bourgogne and PalmiPlume.  Established in the heart of palmiped-rearing regions, they offer the the entire range of feathers currently available on bedding, clothing and furniture markets.


fashion directory  Pao Dao (Taiwan): Manufacturer of down comforter, pillow, silk quilt, and bedding articles filled with white goose down, feathers, wool, cotton, linen, camel hair, Yak hair, and synthetic fibres. Processor of down and feathers, goose or duck, white or gray, washed and unwashed.

fashion directory  Wanxiang Down Products CO.,LTD. is situated in Xiaoshan city, which is called "the Capital of Feather & Down Industry" and is only 2 hours by car from Shanghai. The company is about 10 kilometers away from Xiaoshan International Airport. The traffic convenience and the steady invest environment make it prosperous. It was established in 1988 and has been counted as one of the best in this line during the past years. With the advanced automatic facilities, they specialize in feather and down products and also deal with synthetic & cotton materials. Within the acreage of 30,000 square meters, the factory occupies a construction area of 50,000 square meters and holds an extremely efficient staff of 358 people. They can process more than 1,000 tons raw feather & down materials and produce about 2,000,000 units of the beddings every year. They have an important position in global market, especially in Europe, America, Southeast Asia. They have been certified to comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO9002.

fashion directory  Zhejiang huaxing feather & down products CO., Ltd: Established in 1988, Zhejiang huaxing feather & down products CO., Ltd. is the Vice Director Member of the Board of China Feather-Down Industry Association. It is located by the picturesque Westlake, easy access to the ports of Shanghai and Ninbo, it enjoys convenient communication on water, land and air. Their Company is a supplier of superior down related products and quilting products. Stringent quality control(ISO9001),equipped with the advanced machines, more than 800 workers who stand for their great skills and technical experience are the guarantee of realizing their goal-to continue supplying the high quality products and most careful service for value customers.