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A + Alpaca fiber Mill (USA): In their newly built mill, they can individually process your fiber into high quality rovings, batts and yarn. Their mill comes from their own need and desire to have yarn that comes from only their animals - yarn from their farm. It is so exciting to raise these beautiful animals with their wonderful fiber. How frustrating it has been to get that special fiber, which you worked so hard to breed for and to raise, turned into yarn. A+ Alpaca fiber Mill will create yarn from your farm so you can show off that special fiber! Every farm can have their own yarn to market or turn into garments.

ABC Ranch (USA): fiber will be weighed upon arrival and pricing is based on arrival weight. If there is excessive vegetable matter or trash, fiber will be returned unprocessed at your expense. Prices are subject to change without notice. They reserve the right to rewash any fibers sent in for processing.  Their equipment requires the fiber to be free from grease and vegetable matter to run properly. Any fiber not meeting the standards needed to run the equipment would have to be rewashed and the charges will be set accordingly. Fleeces that are very slick such as mohair, angora, alpaca, etc. will process into a better-finished product if they are blended with at least twenty per cent wool. the wool should be of a crimpy type and of similar length of the exotic fiber. This will give more body to the resulting product in the roving form, later in the yarn and again in the finished article made from the yarn. Wool has a memory and retains its original configuration whereas the slicker fibers tend to grow and become misshapen.


Blackberry-Ridge (USA): Specializing in natural fiber hand knitting yarns. Also offering custom carding and spinning services.

Blue-Moon Farm: they do the final preparation and spinning your wool at their mill. If you have a raw fleece, it needs to be washed and carded first so it goes to Dawn's Custom Carding and comes back in the form of a loose roving. Note: if you send them a roving that has been wound into a bump, they have to unwind it and put it into loose form again so it can be fed into the pin drafter. They need to charge extra for the unwinding.

Briggs and Little (Canada): Built upon values of tradition and quality, Briggs & Little have been producing the highest quality yarn and accessories for generations and they will continue to deliver that same consistent product for years to come! All of their yarns are made from 100% Canadian domestic wools, and are milled at their factory in York Mills, New Brunswick, Canada the same place it's been for over 140 years.

The fiber Company (USA): The fiber Company uses modern equipment engineered to process small lots of fiber yet is flexible enough to handle large runs of a variety of blends from fiber herds around the world. The result is highly customized services and products that are well crafted, unique and stylish. Come visit them at their studio on the working waterfront of Portland, Maine.

Fingerlakes yarns (USA) : Fingerlakes Woolen Mill is located in the Finger Lakes region of New York, just north of Ithaca.  It is the only US mill that manufactures angora yarns for the handknitting market in addition to it's wool and wool/silk yarns. Fingerlakes produces carded wool and wool/angora blends for handspinning, felting and other craft uses. Fingerlakes Un-spun is the popular brand of pencil roving, also known to some as the "yarn" the Icelandics use in their famous yoke sweaters.

Georgia Mountain fiber (USA): Georgia Mountain fiber is a family-owned and operated fiber processing mill in the beautiful mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia. Being Alpaca owners themselves, they appreciate the value and beauty of their animal's fiber.  Their focus at Georgia Mountain fiber is to produce the best and most luxurious product from your Alpaca, Llama and/or Cashmere Goat.

Jehovah Jireh Farm (USA): their business is aimed at small-scale producers of animal fibers as well as artisans and crafters who enjoy working with these natural materials. While the bulk of their business is in sheep's wool, they also have a particular interest in exotic fibers and can blend and process them to order. They are able to process fiber sent to them or fill orders from their own stock

Royal Spin (USA) their Mission: to process as much fiber as an animal can produce and develop a market that will allow our partners and clients to build their herds.

Spinderella's fiber Mill: they are a family owned and operated custom fiber mill.  They specialize in washing, dyeing, carding, and spinning of your fibers, from dog to cat to wool and alpaca. Please visit them on the web or via phone. They would love to help you with your fibers, whether they are for yourself or resale. They offer volume discounts. Join them - Spinderella's fiber Mill - on Facebook! Address: 1640 South 600 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84105 Phone 801.668.0563 Fax none E-mail  Contact: Jim or Lynn Snell

St. Peter Woolen Mill (USA): natures comfort wool batting for quilting, spinning, felting and crafting.  Custom Carding and recarding of wool and acrylics for quilt batting, spinning, felting, or weaving.

Still River Mill (USA): they are a family-owned full service fiber processing mill able to turn your raw fiber into high quality batts, roving, and yarns from fingering to bulky weight. Located in Eastford, Connecticut, they are dedicated to serving sheep, alpaca, goat, and llama growers in the Northeast and beyond.  They will return your fiber back to you whether you have one pound, or two hundred for processing.  They aim to provide you with the best quality end product for your needs in a timely fashion.

Stone Hedge fiber Mill (USA): Stonehedge is an over139 year old working farm that has recently added another dimension to the farm operation. In addition to their fiber shop is their custom fiber processing mill, which opened February 1st, 1999.  They have been working with fiber and fiber animals for over 14 years. They have a shepherd, spinner, and fiber artist. In addition to processing, they are offering roving or batts processed from their own spinners flock of eight breeds of sheep, angora goats, angora rabbits, llamas and alpacas, as well as yarn and finished items from their animals and quality fiber they buy. They also now offer custom spinning, sock knitting, and weaving to their customers.

Taos Valley Wool Mill: is a premium quality, semi-worsted spinning mill. We offer the most versatile custom spinning options in the fiber industry. More than likely, if you can imagine it, we can spin it. We are long wool and exotic fiber specialists, working with from one pound to thousands of pounds of natural fiber with the same precision and attention to detail and quality.

Vermont Premium fiber Company (USA): they operate out of a 160-year-old historic fiber mill that was shut down 54 years ago. This location created yarn and fabric for the world renowned Johnson Woolen Mills.  Vermont Premium fiber has re-outfitted the mill with machinery to cater to the growing fine fiber industry in the United States & Canada.

Willow Creek Farm (Dawns Custom Carding) (USA): their farm is a family business and they have been processing wool and wool products for the past 10 years.  They process long to fine wools, alpaca, llama and mohair.  They offer custom fiber processing and produce quality roving, batts and webs.  They recently purchased an M-26 industrial carding machine to compliment their two Patrick Green Carders, which will increase their processing capacity considerably.

Zeilinger Wool Company (USA): Zeilinger Wool Co.'s history spans over four generations. Their traditional quality and personal service have been valuable trademarks of the Abraham/zeilinger family for the past eighty-nine years. They opened their doors to the public in 1985. Visitors can shop in their retail shop, which features all the products that their talented staff has handcrafted. Zeilinger Wool Co. processor of sheep wool, angora goat hair (mohair), rabbit hair (angora), llama, alpaca, dog hair, and other exotic animal fibers. They can turn your own fibers, such as wool, into comforters, mattress pads, bed pillows, quilts, batting for felting and crafting. All additional fibers can be processed for spinning, weaving and custom yarns. They also sell wool filled comforters, mattress pads, pillows, quilts, bedding accessories, rovings, yarns, socks, and sheep related crafts.

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