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Just because we work in the fashion industry, it does not mean we should not be knowledgeable about finance.  Understanding banking, lending, investing, etc., please an important role in managing money for a clothing business.  You should also pay special attention to learn about factoring which is a critical aspect of the garment industry.

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fashion directory  FDIC Banking News: An independent agency created by Congress in 1933, the FDIC supervises banks, insures deposits up to $100,000 and helps maintain a stable and sound banking system.

fashion directory  Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Financial Update: Produces a variety of publications and other materials dealing with economic and financial topics that appeal to economists, bankers and business people.

fashion directory  Financial Times Business Publications: Publisher of industry specific management reports, magazines, directories and newsletters. Free industry news updates and a variety of business intelligence products.

fashion directory  Hoover's Online: The Ultimate Source for Company Information. Premium services require subscription.

fashion directory  Investor Relations Asia: Database of financial information on listed companies in Asia including annual reports, interim reports and press releases.

fashion directory  Public Register's Annual Report Service - PRARS: Provides free annual reports on over 3,600 public companies trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTC exchanges.

fashion directory  SEDAR: Access securities related information for Canadian companies. Filing with SEDAR started January 1, 1997, and is now mandatory for most reporting issuers in Canada.

fashion directory  Thompson Financial Publications:  Publisher of magazines, newsletters, directories, cd-roms and electronic products in the areas of credit, collections and banking.

fashion directory  The Wall Street Journal: Dow Jones & Company publishes the world's most vital business and financial news and information.

fashion directory  Wall Street Research Net: Your one stop for financial research. Use Research A Company to access SEC documents, home pages, news, charts, statistical analysis and more.

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