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ascot  a broad neck scarf that is looped under the chin

ashen resembling ashes (as in color).

astrakhan  a cloth with a usually wool, curled, and looped pile resembling karakul, namely the tightly curled glossy coat of the newborn lamb of a breed of hardy fat-tailed sheep from Uzbekistan with a narrow body and coarse wiry fur.  Poor grades often have cotton warp or back.   Good grades woven with a pile weave and cut. Cheap grades are knitted.   Resembles astrakhan fur. Deep pile with curled loops. Durable and warm.

athleisure performance and sports-inspired clothes for everyday casualwear.

auburn  a moderate brown.

avante garde: according to one of the Apparel Search viewers, avante garde fashion means, "unique crazy unwearable garments"

avocado  a light yellowish green.

azure  the blue color of the clear sky.

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