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bicorne  a cocked hat

biggin  a child's cap; nightcap

bikini  a woman's scanty ( I do not know if scanty is a good way to put it.  Lets put it this way, it has less material then a one piece bathing suit.).  Known as a two-piece bathing suit; a man's brief swimsuit; a man's or woman's low-cut briefs. Swimwear...

billycock  [British] derby

binding  a narrow fabric used to finish raw edges.  In sewing, binding is used as both a noun and a verb to refer to finishing a seam or hem of a garment, usually by rolling or pressing then stitching on an edging or trim.

bio-polishing fabric is a finishing process that decreases the pilling tendency and fuzziness of (cellulose) knitted fabrics. This finishing process is applied to cellulose textiles which creates permanent effects by the implementation of enzymes.  Cellulose fibers & fabric can be obtained from the bark, wood or leaves of plants, or from other plant-based material.

birdseye  (bird's eye)  birdseye  (bird's eye)  (1) very soft, light weight, and absorbent.  Woven with a loosely twisted filling to increase absorbency.   Launders very well.  It is also called "diaper cloth" and is used for that purpose as well as very good toweling.  Also "novelty" birdseye effects used as summer dress fabrics.   (2)   Worsted.  Smooth, clear finish.  Has small diamond-shaped figures with a dot in the centre of each. Pattern suggests the eye of a bird.  Fine quality suiting for men and women. 

biretta  a square cap with three ridges on top worn by clergymen especially of the Roman Catholic Church

biscuit  a light grayish yellowish brown; a grayish yellow.

bister  a grayish to yellowish brown.

black  the achromatic color of least lightness characteristically perceived to belong to objects that neither reflect nor transmit light.  Black clothing.

black light clear printing process where specialty inks are used to design looks that are virtually colorless under normal lighting conditions but when viewed under black light emit a distinct glow (generally a blue glow).

black wool  any wool that is not white, but not necessarily black. Stock that is grey or brown in colour is classed as black wool

blae  dark blue or bluish gray (chiefly Scottish).

blanket cloth  wool, worsted, cotton, blends, synthetics. Plain or twill.  Soft, raised finish, "nap" obtained by passing the fabric over a series of rollers covered with fine wire or teasels.  Heavily napped and fulled on both sides.   Nap lose and may pill in laundering.  Named in honor of Thomas Blanket (Blanquette), a Flemish weaver who lived in Bristol, England in the XIV century, and was the first to use this material for sleeping to keep warm.

blazer  a sports jacket often notched collar and patched pockets.

bleeding fabric

blind term used in conjunction with load or lot. Blind lots are not manifested. Usually, when buying "blind" lots/loads you will be given a general idea of contents, but it will not be a guarantee. It is common for many large retail stores to sell closeouts "blind" simply because a detailed inventory of contents takes time and ends up costing more per item when purchasing.(definition provided by Robert Cyr at RLC Trading)

blond (or blonde)  of a flaxen, golden, light auburn, or pale yellowish brown color.

bloodred  having the color of blood.

bloomer  a costume for women consisting of a short skirt and long loose trousers gathered closely about the ankles; [Plural] full loose trousers gathered at the knee formerly worn by women for athletics; underpants of similar design worn chiefly by girls

blouse  the word blouse is often utilized when referring to a women's shirt.  An old definition that I found is as follows:  a long loose over garment that resembles a shirt or smock and is worn especially by workmen, artists, and peasants; the jacket of a uniform; a usually loose-fitting garment that covers the body from the neck to the waist and is worn especially by women

blouson  a garment, as a dress, having a close waistband with blousing of material over it.

blowing   the process of blowing dry steam through a cloth, to settle the fabric and take the curliness from the yarn.

blucher  a shoe with a one-piece tongue and vamp and the quarters lapped over the vamp and laced together

blue  a color whose hue is that of the clear sky or that of the portion of the color spectrum lying between green and violet.  Blue clothing; [Plural] a blue costume or uniform

bluebonnet  a wide flat round cap of blue wool formerly worn in Scotland

blue jeans  pants usually made of blue denim

bluish  somewhat blue; having a tinge of blue.

blush  a red or rosy tint.

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