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geneva bands two strips of white cloth suspended from the front of a clerical collar and sometimes used by Protestant clergymen [Also called Geneva tabs]

geneva gown  a loose large-sleeved black academic gown widely used as a vestment by members of the Protestant clergy

georgette a thin strong clothing crepe of fibers woven from hard-twisted yarns to produce a dull pebbly surface.  Lightweight, heavy, sheer fabric.  Has quite a bit of stiffness and body.  Gives excellent wear.  Has a dull, crinkled surface. Achieved by alternating S and Z yarns in a high twist in both warp and filling directions. Georgette has a harser, duller, more crinkled feel and appearance than crepe de chine.

geranium  a vivid or strong red.

geta a Japanese wooden clog for outdoor wear

ghillie suit a ghillie suit, yowie suit, or camo tent is a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy foliage. Typically, it is a net or cloth garment covered in loose strips of cloth or twine, sometimes made to look like leaves and twigs, and optionally augmented with scraps of foliage from the area. Snipers and hunters may wear a ghillie suit to blend into their surroundings and conceal themselves from enemies or targets. The suit gives the wearer's outline a three-dimensional breakup, rather than a linear one. When manufactured correctly, the suit will move in the wind in the same way as surrounding foliage.

gillie a shoe with a low top and decorative lacing

ginger  a strong brown.

gingham  cotton, man-made, and synthetics.   Word derived from Italy "Ging-gang" meaning "striped".   Medium or fine yarns of varying quality are used to obtain the checks, plaids, stripes, and plain effects.  The cloth is yarn dyed or printed.  The warp and the filling are usually balanced and if checks of two colors, usually same sequence in both the warp and the filling.  It is strong, substantial, and serviceable.  It launders well but low textured, cheap fabric may shrink considerably unless preshrunk.   Has a soft, dull luster surface.  Wrinkles unless wrinkle-resistant.   Tissue or zephyr ginghams are sheer being woven with finer yarns and a higher thread count.

girdle an article of dress encircling the body usually at the waist; a woman's close-fitting undergarment often boned and usually elasticized that extends from the waist to below the hips

girth  a band or strap that encircles the body of an animal to fasten something, as a saddle, on its back

glad rags dressy clothes

glaucous of a pale yellow-green color; of a light bluish gray or bluish white color.

glengarry a woolen cap of Scottish origin

glen plaid a fabric woven in a twill pattern of broken checks. [Also called glen check]         

glen_urqhuart.gif (5413 bytes) (Example of glen plaid)

glitter  specialty ink providing brilliant, sparkling looks.

glove  a covering for the hand having separate sections for each of the fingers and the thumb and often extending part way up the arm; gauntlet

glove silk  silk, rayon, synthetics.   Knit - two bar doubleknit tricot.  Made on a warp knitted frame. Very finely knit but very strong. Now called nylon Simplex.  Similar to chamoisette (cotton).

GMM  General Merchandising Manager

Godets are seam insertions that have triangular shaped panels which are added to the hems seams and this creates a flaring effect in clothes. The shape of the cutting of godets and the insertions depends on how you want the design to look. You can add piping to the godets seams or use a contrast color to make a decorative finish. You can use any fabric to sew godets.

gold  a variable color averaging a deep yellow.

golden  being or having the color gold or the color of gold; blond.

gorget  a piece of armor protecting the throat; an ornamental collar; part of a wimple covering throat and shoulders

gown a loose flowing outer garment formerly worn by men; a distinctive robe worn by a professional or academic person; a woman's dress; dressing gown; nightgown, wedding-gown; a coverall worn in an operating room

GPU   for all CHILDREN'S SLEEPWEAR garments meeting "flame resistant" requirements, a Gross Product Unit Number (GPU #) MUST be noted on the care label.  Every 500 dozen garments must be tested by an outside testing laboratory for flammability and a GPU number assigned.  The supporting "flame resistant" documents must be shipped with the garments to ensure release through customs.  The GPU # can be assigned by the vendor.  Position the GPU # beneath the RN# on the care label.  The words, "Flame Resistant" (English), "Igni' Fugo" (Spanish) must appear on the FRONT of the label, visible to customs.  Position BENEATH size indicator.  (Important Note: this definition & requirement of GPU may be changed.  Please contact the Federal Trade Commission of the USA government for the most current and accurate information.  The above definition is being posted in 2004 and we can not guarantee its accuracy.)

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