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granny dress a long loose-fitting dress usually with high neck and long sleeves

grassy  resembling grass especially in color.

grass cloth grass cloth a lustrous plain textile of usually loosely woven fibers.

color made up from the mix of black and white. The variations of the color of cement.

grayish  somewhat gray.

greatcoat  a heavy overcoat

greave  armor for the leg below the knee

green  somewhat less yellow than growing fresh grass.

greige goods material in their raw state; before any process has been applied to any piece of fabric.  Greige Goods is a term for fabric that is in its natural state of color. fabric in its raw state, prior to being dyed or printed. In regard to woven fabric, the term greige goods is used to describe cloth woven on a loom with warp and filling yarns that have not been dyed. Greige goods is an unfished fabric, just removed from a knitting machine or loom. The cloth has typically not received dry or wet finishing. The woven fabric may be dyed later after weaving, as in piece dyed fabrics.

grenadine  a moderate reddish orange.  An open-weave fabric of various fibers.

grey heather A mixed fabric color is achieved by using different colors of fibre and mixing them together (a good example is a grey heather t-shirts). Black and white fibre mixed will combine to give grey heather fibre. Heather is blended fibers combined to create a vari-colored effect. Heather fabric typically contains 3 fibers: cotton, polyester or rayon. Heather grey fabric is never 100% Cotton. Another fiber must always be added with the cotton in order to achieve the necessary color. It is important to note that depending on the percent of cotton, the fabric can still be legally labeled 100% cotton. You will need to check the most current regulations to determine the percentage of cotton required to label as 100% cotton. You can probably learn that information from the Federal Trade Commission. You can find a link to that government office from the care label page

grinding  fabricated wear marks on denim; often on the edge fabric of pocket openings, leg openings, or the outer fabric of the fly on a jean; creates a worn-in look that is caused by the wearing through of the edge of fabric (at the hem, for example); grinding is not to be confused with a fray as grinding is somewhat scattered randomly

a roan coat pattern or C, or a brownish red.

grizzled  sprinkled or streaked w/ gray.

grogram a coarse loosely woven fabric of silk, silk and mohair, or silk and wool -- compare grosgrain.

grosgrain a strong close-woven corded fabric usually of silk or rayon and often with cotton filler -- compare grogram.

g-string  a strip of cloth passed between the legs and supported by a waist cord

g-suit a suit designed to counteract the physiological effects of acceleration on an aviator or astronaut

guanaco species  the Guanaco is considered to be a wild species, like the Vicu
a.  Some scientists think that Lamas and Alpacas are races derived from the Guanaco.  Other consider that they
re different species.  Actually, we can say that both theories are valid.  In the natural environment, those animals make up herds of 5 to 10 females, a male and their offspring.  The period in which the Guanacos are in heat corresponds to the southern summer, between November and February.  The gestation period lasts eleven months.  The Guanaco belongs to the South American Camelids and is a little bigger than the Vicu

guard's check  when a 2 and 2 colour order is used in both the warp and the weft of a 2/2 twill, a distinctive vertical line effect is produced. guards_check.gif (5462 bytes)  (Example of guard's check)

guar gum (Galactomannan) is a high molecular weight carbohydrate polymer derived from the natural seed of guar plant (Cyampopis tetragonolobus). Part of the seed is Hull (14-17%), Endosperm (35-42%), and germ (43-47%). Guar gum is a polysaccharide consisting of a mannose backbone with a galactose side chain. The galactose is randomly placed on the mannose backbone with the average ratio 1:2 of galactose to mannose. Guar gum has a polymeric structure containing numerous hydroxyl groups, which are treated for manufacturing various derivatives used for special applications in various industries. The powder is off white to yellowish in color depending on the quality of the seed.  Guar gum is obtained by an automatic mechanical process in which first the seed is split into two halves and the hull and the germ is mechanically scraped off to obtain endosperm. The endosperm thus obtained is further purified and grounded into powder of required granulation and viscosity. Neelkanth Polymers' state-of-the-art plant is capable of producing several grades of guar gum ranging from very low to very high viscosity and from coarse to fine granulation.  Guar Gum gives excellent film forming and thickening properties when used for textile sizing, finishing and printing. It reduces warp breakage, reduces dusting while sizing and gives better efficiency in production.

guayabera  The Guayabera Shirt (gwai-a-Ber-a) is one of the most authentic symbols of Latin Culture. They are made of light fabrics to weather tropical heat. Distinctive for its two vertical pleats, four spacious pockets and embroidery detail in a variety of fashion colors Usually short-sleeved (but also designed in long sleeve) lightweight sport shirt designed to be worn un-tucked

guimpe a blouse worn under a jumper or pinafore

guipure a heavy large-patterned decorative lace.

gules  the heraldic color red.

gum boot a rubber boot

gunmetal  a bluish gray color.

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