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tabby  a plain silk taffeta especially with moir finish; also, a plain-woven fabric.

tabard a short loose-fitting sleeveless or short-sleeved coat or cape, as a tunic worn by a knight over his armor and emblazoned with his arms; a herald's official cape or coat emblazoned with his lord's arms; a woman's sleeveless outer garment often with side slits

table linen linen (as tablecloths and napkins) for the table.

tack button jeans button, that usualy comes in 27L diameter. 

tacking a temporary stiching in an object to hold it together while sewing (to be removed afterwards)

taffeta  silk, rayon, synthetics.  Usually plain with a fine cross rib.  A cloth supposed to have originated in Iran (Persia) and was called "taftah" (a fine silk fabric) - (in 16th century, became a luxury for women's wear).  It is made in plain colors, fancy prints, watered designs, and changeable effects.  It is smooth with a sheen on its surface.  The textures vary considerably.  They have a crispness and stiffness.  Taffeta in silk will not wear, as long as other high quality silks, since weighting is given the fabric to make it stiff.  If it is over weighted, the goods will split or crack.  Taffeta is often used on care labels.

Faille Taffeta
Made with a crosswise rib weave. Has a distinct rib effect and is usually quite heavy and firm.

Paper Taffeta
Plain weave, very light in weight and treated to give a crisp, paper-like finish.

Shot Taffeta
Usually plain weave, woven with one color in the warp and another color in the filling, which gives the fabric an iridescent look. If fabric is moved in the light this color changes. Silk version of chambray.

Tissue Taffeta
Plain weave, very light weight and transparent.

Warp-print Taffeta
Usually a plain weave, the warp yarns are printed before the filling is inserted. The fabric has a very fuzzy design when design is distorted as fabric is woven.

tailcoat a coat with tails, especially a man's full-dress coat with two long tapering skirts at the back.

tallith a fringed shawl worn over the head or shoulders by Jewish men especially during morning prayers

tam-o'-shanter a Scottish woolen cap with a tight headband, wide flat circular crown, and usually a pompon in the center

tamarind kernel powder (TKP) is produced out of Tamarind Seeds.  It is available in natural and de-oiled form.  It has two primary uses in the Textile Industry:  1. Sizing: It is an ideal for sizing material and is extensively used for sizing in textile industry . 2. Thickener: One of the biggest uses of this is as a textile thickener.   Many users modify the natural powder in order to have better results in their specific end uses.  It is also used in the Jute Industry:  It is extensively used in sizing of jute yarns. Gradually it has replaced most other conventional starches in this industry.   It is also used for sizing of cotton wraps.

tan  a variable color that is a light yellowish brown.   Plural tense: tan-colored articles of clothing

tangerine  a moderate to strong orange color (also a delicious fruit...One of the Apparel Search favorites)

tank abbreviated use of the word tank top; a sleeveless collarless shirt with usually wide shoulder straps and no front opening.  Example of a sentence using the word tank; The muscular men of the Apparel Search Company look good in a tank.  This does not refer to the type of tank that is ridden by members of the army.  It simply refers to a type of shirt.

tank suit a one-piece bathing suit with usually wide shoulder straps.

tank top a sleeveless collarless shirt with usually wide shoulder straps and no front opening.

tapa  a coarse cloth made in the Pacific islands from the pounded bark especially of the paper mulberry and usually decorated with geometric patterns.

tape a narrow woven fabric.

tapestry  a heavy handwoven reversible textile used for hangings, curtains, and upholstery and characterized by complicated pictorial designs.

tap pants a loose-fitting woman's undergarment of a style similar to shorts formerly worn for tap dancing

tarlatan a sheer cotton fabric in open plain weave usually heavily sized for stiffness.

tasse one of a series of overlapping metal plates in a suit of armor that form a short skirt below the waist

tarboosh a red hat similar to the fez worn especially by Muslim men

tartan  a twilled woolen fabric with a tartan design, namely a plaid textile design of Scottish origin consisting of stripes of varying width and color usually patterned to designate a distinctive clan; also, a fabric with tartan design.   A garment of tartan design, namely a plaid textile of Scottish origin consisting of stripes of varying width and color usually patterned to designate a distinctive clan

tattersall a fabric woven or printed in a tattersall pattern, namely a pattern of colored lines forming squares of solid background.                                                                                               tattersal.gif (3902 bytes)   (Example of tattersall)

tatting  a delicate handmade lace formed usually by looping and knotting with a single cotton thread and a small shuttle.

a brownish gray.

tawny  a brownish orange to light brown.

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