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ice-cream of a color similar to that of vanilla ice cream.

ice skate a shoe with a metal runner attached for ice-skating

ikat a fabric in which the yarns have been tie-dyed before weaving.

illusion  a very fine, all-silk tulle which originated in France.  It has a cobweb appearance. Hexagonal open mesh.  Made in 52 inch and 72 inch widths.  Used in veils, particularly for weddings, trimmings.


incarnadine  having the pinkish color of flesh; red, especially bloodred.

indian redi a strong or moderate reddish brown.

indigo  a variable color averaging a dark grayish blue.  A natural dye material of a deep blue color. Natural Indigo is perhaps the oldest dye known to man. The oldest historic texts speak of it, as in the colors chosen for the Tabernacle of the Arc of the Covenant. The oldest fragments of cloth are dyed with it. It was the original dye of the "Levi's" blue jeans, a trademark color for durability. Natural Indigo is one of the fastest dyes known to man and is the only natural blue dye of permanence.

industry communications platform (ICP)  technology, people and processes that employ the internet and other next generation applications to streamline communication and business activities in a targeted industry.  e.g. & edaflow

inkle  a colored linen tape or braid woven on a very narrow loom and used for trimming.

inseam: measure the inseam by starting at the center crotch seam, then measuring all the way down one leg to the hem. Be sure that the tape measure lays flat against the jeans to get an accurate measurement.

integrated hang tag  this is an integration of price ticket information (UPC, Price, etc.) onto a hang tag.  This process eliminates the need for having a hang tag plus a price ticket.  The integrated hang tag allows you to merge the creative aspect of hang tags with the boring but necessary information from a traditional price ticket.  Essentially, this allows for an updated version of an old fashion price ticket. (you can find a definition of hangtag  in our glossary under the letter "H").

interlock  a stretchable fabric made on a circular knitting machine and consisting of two ribbed fabrics joined by interlocking.  A garment made of interlock fabric, namely one that is stretchable and made on a circular knitting machine and consisting of two ribbed fabrics joined by interlocking

inverness a loose belted coat having a cape with a close-fitting round collar

iron gray a slightly greenish dark gray.

ivory a variable color averaging a pale yellow.

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