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habergeon  a medieval jacket of mail shorter than a hauberk; hauberk

habiliments  the dress characteristic of an occupation or occasion

habit  a costume characteristic of a calling, rank, or function; a costume worn for horseback riding

habutai   silk.  Plain weave.   Very light weight and soft.  A little heavier than China Silk, but similar. Sold by weight measure known "momme" (1 momme = 3.75 g).  Made from waste silk that can be twisted.  It is piece dyed or printed and sized.  Has many defects in the cloth which has a "shot-about" appearance but this does not effect the cloth.  Comes from Japan - originally woven on Japanese hand looms.   Lighter than shantung but heavier than silk.

a voluminous piece of usually white cloth worn as an outer garment in northern Africa

haircloth any of various stiff wiry fabrics especially of horsehair or camel hair used for upholstery or for stiffening in garments.

hairline  a fabric with a hairline design, namely a textile design consisting of lengthwise or crosswise lines usually one thread wide.

hair shirt  a shirt made of rough animal hair worn next to the skin as a penance

half boot  a boot with a top reaching above the ankle and ending below the knee

half-slip  a topless slip with an elasticized waistband

halftone  a uniform series of dots that give the appearance of a lighter shade of a solid color.  the number of dots-per-inch is called the line count or frequency.  The amount of coverage is determined by the percentage of dots.

halter  a woman's blouse that leaves the back, arms, and midriff bare and that is typically held in place by straps around the neck and across the back

Hand  the softness of a fabric as judged by feeling it with your hand

handbag  a bag held in the hand or hung form a shoulder strap and used for carrying small personal articles and money

handkerchief  a small usually square piece of cloth used for various usually personal purposes, as blowing the nose or wiping the eyes, or as an accessory on one's attire

hand loom 1) A weaving devise operated manually. 2) A term used to describe a specially woven sample containing yarn dyes for color judging.

hang tags are important point of sale items that can play a valuable role in attracting consumer attention and relaying important information abut the product to which the tags are attached.  The tag is utilized to identify the brand name of the product.  Hang tags are also utilized to point out important information about a product or the company that supplies the product.  In regards to children's clothing, the hang tag occasionally points out safety issues that should be considered when purchasing the product.  Hang tag generally hang from garments on a swift tack.  This allows the hang tag to hang on the outside of a garment with out falling all over the floor of the retailer.  Integrated hang tag is an integration of price ticket information (UPC, Price, etc.) onto a hang tag.  This process eliminates the need for having a hang tag plus a price ticket.  The integrated hang tag allows you to merge the creative aspect of hang tags with the boring but necessary information from a traditional price ticket.  Essentially, this allows for an updated version of an old fashion price ticket

hankie  handkerchief

hap  [Dialectical] something, as a cloak, that serves as a covering or wrap

hard hat  a protective hat made of rigid material, as metal or fiberglass, and worn especially by construction workers

harem pants  women's loose trousers that fit closely at the ankle

harmonized tariff schedule of the United States (HTSUS) Published by the U.S. International Trade Commission, the TSUS is used in the classification of imported merchandise for rates of duty and statistical purposes.

harris tweed   all are hand woven on the islands off the Northern coast of Scotland (outer Hebrides).  There are two types of Harris Tweed:

  1.  fabric woven from hand-spun yarn.
  2. fabric woven from machine-spun yarn.

Now very few are woven from hand spun yarns as it takes too much time and labor.  It is always stamped to that effect in addition to the label which any Harris Tweed always bears.  Much is woven in 27" and 28" widths, but also in 54".   When damp, it smells mossy and smokey.   Is now made from Scottish and other wools.  Is also power warped and power beamed. 

hat  a covering for the head usually having a shaped crown and brim.  Headwear.

hauberk  a tunic of chain mail worn as defensive armor from the 12th to the 14th centuries

haute couture:   The term haute couture is a designation protected by law and "only those companies mentioned on the list drawn up each year by a commission domiciled at the Ministry for Industry are entitled to avail themselves thereof," to quote the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture. The main criteria, set forth in 1945 and updated in 1992, are as follows: to employ a minimum of fifteen people at the workshops, to present to the press in Paris each season (spring/summer and autumn/winter) a collection of at least thirty-five runs consisting of models for daytime wear and evening wear.

havelock  a covering attached to a cap to protect the neck from the sun or bad weather

haversack  a bag similar to a knapsack but worn over one shoulder

hawaiian shirt  a usually short-sleeved sport shirt with a colorful pattern

hazel  a light brown to strong yellowish brown.

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