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headband  a band worn on or around the head

headdress  an often elaborate covering for the head

headgear  a covering or protective device for the head

headpiece  a protective or defensive head covering; an ornamental, ceremonial, or traditional covering for the head

Heart Shaped or Butterfly Headress: This Head dress looked like wings had been attached on the sides. A Veil was worn over it, and many times a caul would be worn underneath.

heat-away (thermogaze) is a special heat-sensitive, woven cotton fabric often referred to as "burn-away" or "aetz-cloth". It is used in the following situations: (1) on top of fabrics that cannot be made wet, like corduroy or velvet, to keep stitches from sinking in and getting lost.  (2) to create "free-standing" embroidery. Just hoop HEAT-AWAY tm and embroider directly onto it. After removing the HEAT-AWAY tm, only the embroidered pattern remains.

hectic  red; flushed.

heliotrope a variable color averaging a moderate to reddish purple.

helm  helmet

helmet  a covering or enclosing headpiece of ancient or medieval armor; any of various protective head coverings usually made of a hard material to resist impact

hem  the edge of a piece of cloth, such as the bottom edge of a skirt or dress, which is folded over and sewn so that it does not develop loose threads.

hemp  cannabis sativa is a bast fibre that was probably used first in Asia.  The fibre is dark tan or brown and is difficult to bleach, but it can be dyed bright and dark colours.  The hemp fibres vary widely in length, depending upon their ultimate use.  Industrial fibres may be several inches long, while fibres used for domestic textiles are about 3/4 inch to 1 inch (1.9 to 2.54 cm) long.  The elongation (1 to 6 percent) is low and its elasticity poor.  The thermal reactions of hemp and the effect of sunlight are the same as for cotton.   Hemp is moth resistant, but it is not impervious to mildew.  Coarse hemp fibres and yarns are woven into cordage, rope, sacking and heavy-duty tarpaulins.  In Italy, fine hemp fibres are used for interior design and apparel fabrics.  Hemp is a plant grown in nearly all the temperate countries of the world. It furnishes a bast fiber, obtained by a retting process, which is used for rope and textiles. Some of the fiber enters the paper industry as waste material. The term hemp has also come to be used in a generic sense as fiber and then preceded by an adjective, for example, Manila Hemp (See Abaca), Sisal Hemp (See Sisal).

Hemseal, a new product delivering additional fixing qualities to the hems of tailored garments. The adhesive thread has a low melt portion which adheres to fabrics when pressed under heat, helping to hold hems in place even if the stitching fails.  Hemseal was created by Coats Plc.

henley  henley is a type of shirt.  They can be long sleeve or short sleeve.  A henley shirt is a collarless shirt that is generally for casualwear.  characterized by a 4-6" long slit beneath the round neckline, usually having 2-5 buttons. It essentially resembles a collarless polo shirt.

hessian boot  a high boot that extends to just below the knee and is commonly ornamented with a tassel and that was introduced into England by the Hessians early in the 19th century

herringbone  a twilled fabric with a herringbone pattern, namely a pattern made up of rows of parallel lines which in any two adjacent rows slope in opposite directions.  A suit made of herringbone, namely a twilled fabric with a herringbone pattern, namely rows of parallel lines which in any two adjacent rows slope in opposite directions

high heels  shoes with high heels

hijab is the modern word for the practice of dressing modestly, which all practicing Muslims past the age of puberty are instructed to do in their holy book, the Qur'an. No precise dress code for men or women is set out in the Qur'an (the most specific part being 33:59 mentioning that believers "draw their cloaks close round them (when they go out)"), and various Islamic scholars have interpreted the meaning of hijab in different ways. The basic requirements are that when in the presence of someone of the opposite sex other than a "close family member" (Mahram), a woman should cover her body, and walk and dress in a way which does not draw sexual attention to her, and that a man should be covered from at least the navel to the knees, and similarly not wear figure-hugging clothes that draw sexual attention to him.

himation  a rectangular cloth draped over the left shoulder and about the body and worn as a garment in ancient Greece

hip boot  a waterproof boot reaching to the hips

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