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pack   a bundle arranged for convenience in carrying especially on the back

packsack   a case, as of canvas, held on the back by shoulder straps and used to carry gear when traveling on foot

paduasoy a corded silk fabric. A garment made of paduasoy fabric, namely a corded silk fabric.

a fabric made typically of soft wool and woven or printed with colorful curved abstract figures.

pajamas   loose lightweight trousers formerly much worn in the Near East; a loose usually two-piece lightweight suit designed for sleeping or lounging

palatine   a fur cape or stole covering the neck and shoulders

paletot   a man's overcoat; a loose jacket worn by women and children

pall   pallium

pallet  Wood or plastic base for securing large quantities of merchandise during shipping.

pallette   one of the plates at the armpits of a suit of armor

pallium   a white woolen band with pendants in front and back worn over the chasuble by a pope or archbishop as a symbol of full Episcopal authority; a rectangular cloth worn as a cloak by men of ancient Greece and Rome

panama a lightweight hat of natural-colored straw hand-plaited of narrow strips from the young leaves of the jipijapa

panne a silk or rayon velvet with lustrous pile flattened in one direction--called also, panne velvet; a heavy silk or rayon satin with high luster and waxy smoothness.

pannier   an overskirt draped at the sides of a skirt for an effect of fullness

panoply   a full suit of armor; ceremonial attire

pant   an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle [Usually used in plural]; [Chiefly British] men's underpants; [Plural] pantie

pantalets   long loose drawers frilled at the ankle and showing beneath the skirt worn by mid-19th century women

pantaloons   wide breeches worn especially in England during the reign of Charles II; close-fitting trousers usually having straps passing under the instep and worn especially in the 19th century; loose-fitting usually shorter than ankle-length trousers

pantdress   a dress having a divided skirt

pantie   a woman's or child's undergarment covering the lower trunk with a closed crotch [Usually used in plural]

pantie girdle   a woman's girdle having a sewed-in or detachable crotch and made with or without garters and bones

pantofle   slipper

pantsuit   a woman's ensemble consisting usually of a long jacket and tailored pants of the same material

pantyhose  panty hose  pant
hose [p
ntee hoz] or pant
y hose or pan'ti
hose plural noun
Clothing for covering the legs:  A one-piece undergarment consisting of h
osiery combined with panties. Called "trunk hose" in medieval times.

panty waist   originally a child's two-piece undergarment that buttoned together at the waist


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