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lab dip  a solid color fabric dyed to match a given color standard.

lace  an openwork usually figured fabric made of thread or yarn and used for trimmings, household coverings, and entire garments. lace factories

lacha  a long skirt and tunic combination along with a chunni makes up a complete set.  Traditional garment from India.

lake  carmine, or a vivid red.

lame french for "trimmed with leaves of gold or silver".   Silk or any textile fibre in which metallic threads are used in the warp or the filling. Lame is also a trade mark for metallic yarns.   Often has pattern all over the surface. The shine and glitter of this fabric makes it suitable for dressy wear. The term comes from the French for "worked with gold and silver wire".

lambrequin  a scarf used to cover a knight's helmet

a brocaded clothing fabric made from any of various fibers combined with tinsel filling threads often of gold or silver.


lappet is a decorative flap, fold or hanging part of a headdress or garment. Lappets were a feature of women's headgear until the early 20th century, and are still a feature of religious garments. A bishop's mitre has two lappets (infulæ) sewn to the back of it. The most famous usage of lappets occurs on the Papal Tiara. Lappets also feature on some animals.

larrigan  an oil-tanned moccasin with a leg often reaching the knee

lasting  a sturdy cotton or worsted cloth used especially in shoes and luggage.

latchet  a narrow leather strap, thong, or lace that fastens a shoe or sandal on the foot

laurel  a crown of laurel

lavalava  a rectangular cloth of cotton print worn like a kilt or skirt in Polynesia and especially in Samoa

lavender  a variable color averaging a pale purple.

lawn  cotton plain weave. Word derived from Laon, a city in France, where linen lawn was manufactured extensively.  Light weight, sheer, soft, washable.  It is crispier than voile but not as crisp as organdy.  Made with fine high count yarns, silky feel.  Made with either carded or combed yarns.  Comes in white or may be dyed or printed.   When made with combed yarns with a soft feel and slight lustre it is called nainsook.  Used in underwear, dresses, blouses, night wear, curtains, lingerie, collars, cuffs, infant wear, shirtings, handkerchiefs.

leaden  dull gray.

Leavers Lace This special type of lace is named after the “Leavers” lace machine invented in 1813 and discontinued by the 1930s. The few machines that remain are primarily maintained in the French region of Calais. Leavers lace is known as the “Queen of Laces” due to its fine and delicate details. The Leavers machine intertwines 5,000 bobbins that must be set in these antique machines manually. The limited number of remaining machines in existence and the intensive human labor required makes Leavers lace scarce and expensive.

lederhosen  leather shorts often with suspenders worn especially in Bavaria

legging  a covering, as of leather or cloth, for the leg, usually used in plural; also, tights

leghorn  a hat made of leghorn straw, namely a fine plaited straw made from an Italian wheat

leg warmer  a usually knitted covering for the leg

lei  a wreath or necklace usually of flowers or leaves

leisure suit  a suit consisting of a shirt jacket and matching trousers for informal wear

lemon  of the color lemon yellow.

lemon yellow a brilliant greenish yellow color.

lengha  a long full skirt.  Traditional garment from India.

lengha/choli  a long skirt and and blouse combination along with a chunni makes up a complete set.  Traditional garment from India.

leno  a fabric made with leno weave, namely an open weave in which pairs of warp yarns cross one another and thereby lock the filling yarn in position.

leno.gif (4690 bytes) (Example of leno)

leotard  a close-fitting one-piece garment worn especially by dancers, acrobats, and aerialists; also tights [Often used in plural]

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