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LFD means Last Free Day.  This is a transit term indicating the last free day to pick up freight at port before the terminal starts to charge storage fees.  This is important when importing apparel.

liberty cap  a close-fitting conical cap used as a symbol of liberty by French revolutionists and in the US before 1800

lid  [Slang] hat

life jacket   a life preserver in the form of a buoyant vest

life vest   life jacket

ligne  A button's ligne, refers to a button's size. The word ligne, is a French word that became the standard reference used by German button manufacturers in the early eighteenth century. Ligne is the internationally recognized standard. Consensus at the time was that a "ligne" measured the inside diameter of a "round wick folded flat." One inch is equal to 40 English ligne, 11 French ligne, and 25.5 mm.

lilac a variable color averaging a moderate purple.

linen a cloth made from flax and noted for its strength, coolness, and luster.

lingerie   women's intimate apparel

linsey-woolsey a coarse sturdy fabric of wool linen or cotton.

liripipe   tippet, scarf

lisle a smooth tightly twisted thread usually made of long-staple cotton.

liver a grayish reddish brown (also called liver brown and liver maroon).

liverish  resembling liver especially in color.

livery   the distinctive clothing or badge formerly worn by the retainers of a person of rank; servant's uniform; distinctive dress, garb

livid  reddish.

Trademark:  Used for a low step-in shoe

lockram  a coarse plain-woven linen formerly used in England.

a variable color averaging a dull grayish green.  A thick woolen cloth used for outer clothing.

loincloth  a cloth worn about the loins often as the sole article of clothing in warm climates

long johns  long underwear

long staple cotton  the staple is the length of the cotton fiber, and longer fiber length results in the finer, smoother yarn that is used to weave high quality fabrics.

loom  A loom is a machine or device for weaving thread or yarn into textiles. Looms can range from very small hand-held frames, to large free-standing hand looms, to huge automatic mechanical devices.  In practice, the basic purpose of any loom is to hold the warp theads under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads. The precise shape of the loom and its mechanics various, but the basic function is the same.

loop fold (label finishing should be employed if a label is to be installed by sewing across the top edge only.  By doubling the fabric, loop folded labels allow for the application of designs or lettering on two sides.  The back surface of a loop folded label is commonly used for fiber composition and washing instructions which eliminates the need for 2 labels (care label & garment label).  This form of finishing is recommended for Poly / Rayon woven labels which will be subjected to over dye processing as all open ends are very well protected and the possibility of fray is virtually eliminated.

lounger  an article of clothing designed for comfort and leisure use

lounge suit   [Chiefly British] business suit

loungewear  informal clothing usually designed to be worn at home

LTL  Less Than Load - this term is generally utilized in the transportation industry.  Referring to freight that does not completely fill a shipping container.

Lurex (trademark) used for metallic yarn or thread.

any of several light or med grayish colors ranging in hue from yellow to orange.

luster a fabric with cotton warp and filling of wool, mohair, or alpaca (chiefly British).

yellow tinged w/ green or brown.

lutestring a plain glossy silk formerly much used for women's dresses and ribbons.

streaked w/ gray; gray (ch. Scottish).

Lycra (trademark) used for a spandex synthetic fiber.

Lyocell is produced from cellulose, the main material in plant cells, and constitutes a new fiber for clothing, hygiene, medical and technical applications. The production process for Lyocell is extremely environmentally friendly
the fiber has all the advantages of a natural material and is 100% bio-degradable. Lyocell was developed by Courtaulds fibers (now Acordis Cellulosic fibers), an international supplier of rayon. It entered the consumer market in 1991. The properties and production processes were unique enough for the Federal Trade Commission to designate it as a separate fiber group. The trade name for lyocell produced by Acordis is Tencel
. Lenzing fibers, another major manufacturer of rayon, has also entered the lyocell market. This product is marketed as Lenzing lyocell. An improved fiber, in terms of performance and properties, lyocell is also friendly to the environment. Virtually all of the chemicals used in the production process are reclaimed. The resulting fiber, lyocell, is both biodegradable and recyclable. Lyocell is a manufactured fiber, but it is not synthetic. It is made from wood pulp harvested from tree farms for this purpose. Because it is made from a plant material, it is cellulosic and possesses many properties of other cellulose fibers, such as cotton, linen, ramie, and rayon - another manufactured but non-synthetic fiber.

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