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MABD = Must Arrive By Date. Term used in regarding to delivery date requirements.

mackinaw  wool. Ordinary grade of wool and often has shoddy re-used or remanufactured wool mixed in.  Sometimes a cotton warp is used.  Very heavily felted and napped on both sides to conceal the weave.  Much of the fabric is in a plaid or large check design or brightly coloured, or different colours on each side.  Heavy and thick, very similar to melton.  Named for MacKinac Island, Michigan.  Also called ski cloth or snow cloth.  Miners, lumbermen, hunters, trappers, fishermen, and cowboys use much of the fabric for jackets, mackinaws and coats. Also used for blankets, shirts, and some heavy sportswear, windbreakers.

mackintosh  [Chiefly British] raincoat.  A lightweight waterproof fabric originally of rubberized cotton.

macram a coarse lace or fringe made by knotting threads or cords in a geometrical pattern.

madder  a moderate to strong red.

madras  a fine plain-woven shirting and dress fabric usually of cotton with varied designs (as plaid) in bright colors or in white; a light open usually cotton fabric.  Originated in Madras, India and it is a very old cloth.  Much of it has a plain colored background with stripes, plaid, checks, or designs.   Made with combed or carded yarns depending on the quality.   Some is mercerized to make it lustrous and durable.  Often the dyes are not fast and with each washing, color changes take place.

mae west  an inflatable life jacket in the form of a collar extending down the chest worn by fliers in World War II

magenta deep purplish red.

mahogany a moderate reddish brown.

maillot  tights for dancers or gymnasts; jersey; a woman's one-piece bathing suit

malines  a fine stiff net with a hexagonal mesh that is usually made of silk or rayon and that is often used for veils; also, maline.

mandarin collar  a narrow stand-up collar usually open in front

manta  a square piece of cloth or blanket used in southwestern U.S. and Latin America usually as a cloak or shawl

manteau  a loose cloak, coat, or robe

mantle  a loose sleeveless garment worn over other clothes, cloak

mantelet  a very short cape or cloak

mantilla  a light scarf worn over the head and shoulders especially by Spanish and Latin-American women; a short light cape or coat

mantua  a usually loose-fitting gown especially in the 17th and 18th centuries

marabou a fabric made of marabou silk, namely a thrown silk usually dyed in the gum.

markdown price cut.  Reduction of original pricing.

marocain a ribbed crepe fabric used in women's clothing.

a variable color averaging a dark red.

marquisette   silk, cotton, rayon, synthetics.  A sheer meshed fabric used for clothing, curtains, and mosquito nets.  Very lightweight, open, sheer, mesh fabric.  Wears very well and launders very well. Comes in white, solid colors and novelty effect.   Sometimes with a swivel dot or clip spot

marseilles  a firm cotton fabric that is similar to piqu

Martingale A loose half belt or strap placed on the back of a garment, such as a coat or blazer 

mask  a cover or partial cover for the face used for disguise

matelasse  French for "cushioned or padded".  Fabric woven on jacquard or dobby loom, in double cloth weave.   The pattern stands out and gives a "pouch" or "quilted" effect to the goods. Crepe yarn in double weave shrinks during finishing causing a blistering effect.  In upholstery, coarse yarns cause blistering.   Comes in colours, novelty effects, and some with metallic yarns.  Gives good wear and drapes well.   If washable, it must be laundered with care.  It is very attractive and suits quite plain styles.

mauve  moderate purple, violet, or lilac; a strong purple.

maxi  a long skirt, dress, or coat

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