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mechlin  a delicate bobbin lace used for dresses and millinery.

melighton  a heavy smooth woolen fabric with short nap.

melton   wool, sometimes combined with synthetics.  Twill or satin weave.  Thick well fulled or felted wool with a smooth surface.  Napped and very closely sheared.  Coarse meltons are similar to makinaws but made of finer yarns and finished with a smoother, more lustrous surface - used for "under collar cloth" in lighter weights.  Very solid cloth due to the finishing processes that completely conceal the weave.  It wears very well.  Wind resistant.  If made in tan or buff color in a coarse quality, it is called "Box cloth".  It is classed with kersey, beaver, and broadcloth.  Originated in Melton, Mowbray, England, which is a fox hunting report in england.  It was first made as a hunting cloth.  Looks like wool felt - pressed flat.  Mostly used for men in over coating, uniform cloth of all kinds (army, navy, etc., as well as polie and firemen), pea jackets, regal liverly.  Used for heavy outer sports garments and coats for women.

menswear  clothing for men

merino  a soft wool or wool and cotton clothing fabric resembling cashmere.

mercerize a finishing process for combed cotton that increases the fiber's luster and affinity for dyes.

merle  a bluish or reddish gray mixed with splotches of black that is the color of coats of some dogs.

merry widow  a strapless corset or bustier usually having garters attached

mesh  a woven, knit, or knotted material of open texture with evenly spaced holes.

messaline  a soft lightweight silk dress fabric with a satin weave.

mess dress

mess jacket  a fitted waist-length man's jacket worn especially as part of a dress uniform

metallic  a fabric made with metallic fiber, namely a fiber or yarn made of or coated with metal.

metamerism  a metamerism occurs when the color standard and the submit do not match under all lighting conditions. This means that a solid color fabric when viewed under two different lights in a commercial light box, will appear to cast two different colors. The correct technical definition for metamerism is a conditional match that is, two or more samples match for one observer under one light source, but not under a different light source for that same observer.

micro-fibers  extremely fine synthetic fibres - the finest of all man - made fibres, at least 60 times finer than a human hair.  Today micro - fibres are used in polyester, nylon and acrylic.

micromini  a very short miniskirt

middy a loosely fitting blouse with a sailor collar worn by women and children

midi  a dress, skirt, or coat that usually extends to the mid-calf

midnight blue  a deep blackish blue.

midriff  a woman's garment that exposes the midriff

milky  resembling milk in color.

millinery  women's apparel for the head

miniskirt  a woman's short skirt with the hemline several inches above the knee

miniver  a white fur worn originally by medieval nobles and used chiefly for robes of state

miter  a liturgical headdress worn by bishops and abbots (Also mitre)

miterfolds (label) are normally used in jerseys, bathrobes and outerwear and add functionality to the label by allowing it to be used as a hanger for the garment.

mitt  a woman's glove that leaves the fingers uncovered; mitten

mitten  a covering for the hand and wrist having a separate section for the thumb only

mixture a fabric woven of variously colored threads.


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