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jabot fall of lace or cloth attached to the front of a man's neckband (18th c.); pleated frill of cloth or lace attached down the center front of a woman's dress or blouse

jackboot a heavy military boot made of glossy black leather extending above the knee and worn especially during the 17th and 18th centuries; a laceless military boot reaching to the calf

jacket a garment for the upper body usually having a front opening, collar, lapels, sleeves, and pockets

jacquard  Joseph Jacquard invented this decorative weaving technique in 1804.  A special loom is used to weave a pattern directly into the fabric; a costly process that produces an elegant cloth.  A fabric of intricate variegated weave or pattern.  (learn about Jacquard Loom).  Jacquard is an intricate method of weaving invented by Joseph J.M. Jacquard in the years 1801-1804, in which a headmotion at the top of the loom holds and operates a set of punched cards, according to the motif desired.  The perforations in the cards, in connection with the rods and cords, regulate the raising of the stationary warp thread mechanisms.  Jacquard knitting is a development of the Jacquard loom and its principles.  Jacquard fabrics, simple or elaborate in design, include brocade, brocatelle, damask, neckwear, evening wear, formal attire, some shirtings, tapestries, etc. Now with Project Jacquard, the term may include smart fabric technology.

jaconet  a lightweight cotton cloth used for clothing and bandages.

jade green  a light bluish green.

jambeau a piece of medieval armor for the leg below the knee

jasmine  a light yellow.

jasper  a blackish green.

jay  a moderate blue.

jean  a durable twilled cotton cloth used especially for sportswear and work clothes.  Close-fitting pants made especially of jean or denim [Usually used in plural]

jerkin a close-fitting hip-length usually sleeveless jacket

jersey  made of wool, worsted, silk, cotton, rayon, and synthetics.  Knitted on circular, flat-bed or warp knitted methods (later popular as a tricot-knit).   Right side has lengthwise ribs (wales) and wrong side has crosswise ribs (courses).  Very elastic with good draping qualities.   Has special crease-resistant qualities due to its construction.  Is knitted plain or has many elaborate tweed designs and fancy motifs as well as printed designs.   Can look very much like woven fabric. Wears very well and if washable; it washes very well.  First made on the Island on Jersey off the English coast and had been used for fisherman's clothing.

jet  an intense black.

jock athletic supporter.  Generally worn by men while playing sports to protect the family jewels.

jockstrap athletic supporter

jodhpur [Plural] riding breeches cut full through the hips and close-fitting from knee to ankle; an ankle-high boot fastened with a strap that is buckled at the side [Also called, jodhpur boot]

johnny a short-sleeved collarless gown that is open in the back and is worn by persons, as hospital patients, undergoing medical examination or treatment

joseph [Latin] a long cloak worn especially by women in the 18th century

juliette sleeve a youthful look that places emphasis on the arms.  Also known as a tiny pouf, it has an even more extreme appearance then the cap sleeve.

jump boot  a boot worn especially by paratroopers

jumper a loose blouse or jacket worn by workmen; a sleeveless one-piece dress worn usually with a blouse; a child's overall [Usually used in plural]; [Chiefly British] sweater

jumpsuit a coverall worn by parachutists for jumping; a one-piece garment consisting of a blouse or shirt with attached trousers or shorts

jute and Burlap   jute is used in textiles for interiors, especially for wall hangings and a group of bright, homespun-effect draperies and wall coverings.  Natural jute has a yellow to brown or gray color, with a silky luster.  It consists of bundles of fiber held together by gummy substances that are pertinacious in character.  It is difficult to bleach completely, so many fabrics are bright, dark, or natural brown in color.  Jute reacts to chemicals in the same way as do cotton and flax.  It has a good resistance to microorganisms and insects.  Moisture increases the speed of deterioration but dry jute will last for a very long time.  Jute works well for bagging, because it does not extend and is somewhat rough and coarse.  This tends to keep stacks of bags in position and resist slippage.  It is widely used in the manufacture of linoleum and carpets for backing or base fabric.

Textile Glossary

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