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What is imagewear?

Imagewear is clothing that helps companies support and promote their company image.  This is usually done by printing or embroidering corporate logos or company names onto employees shirts, hats, jackets, and pants.  Supporting a company’s corporate image can also be obtained by simply wearing well-made and attractive uniforms (with or without logos).  Maintaining a clean and consistence appearance for all workers can be beneficial for a corporate image.  Here on Apparel Search, we also reference imagewear as corporate apparel.

It has been said that, “Image is Everything”.  This is not necessarily true, but in certain aspects of our life, image is important.  For example, in business we need to look the part in order to be successful.  We can’t all wear our pajamas to work.

First impressions are formed in seconds.  The right corporate logo or uniform program ensures your brand image will be enhanced from the first smile or handshake.  Company image wear provides increased security, employee confidence and teamwork, as well as the assurance that customers will easily identify your employees.

Each employee is a walking billboard.  Your logo must look just right.

One company that quickly comes to mind when thinking about clothing to aid corporate image, would be VF Corp.  They have a broad array of well-loved VF Imagewear® brands such as Red Kap®, Bulwark®, Horace Small®, Lee® and Wrangler Hero®.

They offer a broad range of high-quality apparel that fits most companies needs from the boardroom to the factory floor.  Whether a customer wants customized polos for a sales team golf outing, a comprehensive uniform program for a major corporation or anything in between, VF Imagewear delivers the corporate apparel you need to succeed.

As one of North America's largest apparel manufacturers, they have the specialized resources and logistics expertise to provide at-once delivery on 95% of all stock products.  Their broad range of brands and products allows you to find the perfect garments for your uniform program.  They understand how critical it is to make your job easier and build your company brand. The service support provided by our extensive distributor network makes your managed uniform program effortless.

VF Imagewear uses state-of-the-art customizing and embroidery equipment that enables our distributors to create the best look for your company. Creating these new looks is a snap when utilizing their new online tool. This user-friendly interface will enable quick and accurate orders, allowing you to create your customized product on screen to visualize and review before submitting.  Garments made quickly, affordably and exclusively for you.

VF Imagewear combines the strength of its global parent company, VF Corporation , with the experience of being the leading supplier of uniform apparel to provide unique products and services to your company. They are a global leader in designing, implementing and managing uniform and career apparel programs.   VF Corporation, the world's largest apparel company. VF Corporation is comprised of over 60,000 employees in 22 countries and over 100 years of experience. VF Imagewear joins a respected group of VF Corporation brands including Lee®, Wrangler®, The North Face®, Nautica® and JanSport® — plus many, many more.  Learn more at

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