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tea gown a semiformal fancy gown in graceful flowing lines worn especially for afternoon entertaining at home

teal  teal blue.

teal blue  a variable color averaging a dark greenish-blue.

teddy a woman's one-piece undergarment, or chemise

tefillin the phylacteries worn by Jews

tencel is the brand name for a fiber called lyocell. Lyocell is a cellulosic fiber made from wood through a proprietary TENCEL production process. This fiber is twisted or spun into yarns, which are woven or knitted into fabrics and garments.  TENCEL is a man-made fiber but natural in origin. This means it is very comfortable to wear because it is breathable and absorbent, like other natural fibers. TENCEL
is durable and this means that the clothes last.

ten-gallon hat cowboy hat

tennies tennis shoes, sneakers

tennis shoe a lightweight usually low-cut sneakerOne of the many uses is for playing tennis...

terai a wide-brimmed double felt sun hat worn especially in subtropical regions

terms of fashion

terra-cotta  brownish orange.

terry  an absorbent fabric with loops forming the pile; also called terry cloth.

terry cloth  pile, also jacquard and dobby combined with pile.  Either all over loops on both sides of the fabric or patterned loops on both sides.  Formed with an extra warp yarn.  Long wearing, easy to launder and requires no ironing.  May be bleached, dyed, or printed.   Better qualities have a close, firm, underweave, with very close loops.  Very absorbent, and the longer the loop, the greater the absorbency.  When the pile is only on one side, it is called "Turkish towelling".

textile  a woven or knit cloth.  The term is used generically to define many various fabrics.  The word is some times used to define an entire industry.  For example, "the Apparel Search Company is the leading informational resource for the Apparel & Textile Industry's.

textured yarn  a general classification for continuous filament man - made fibre yarn which have been treated to give them hand and appearance which is different from the untreated yarn and / or stretchy. These yarns in some cases exhibit spun yarn effect. The yarns may be crimped ,curled, coiled, distorted through air jet process or given a false twist and then be heat set.

Thermochromic inks or dyes: Temperature sensitive inks and dyes.  The inks change color when exposed to heat.  For example a t-shirt that has a print design that changes color when you go into the sunlight.

Thermochromic pigments and slurries change color from color to colorless at certain temperature (when it is mixed with normal pigments there will be a colorchange, since the background color will be visible). When temperature decrease reversible variants will go back to its original color. The irreversible variant will not change back color. Color changes are possible from -15C up to + 70C. Individual colors can be produced upon request. Nearly unlimited product range in temperatures and colors. TP can be used an many applications and products such as coating, ink, plastic rubber, TP is REACH registered.

thong a sandal held on the foot by a thong fitting between the toes and connected to a strap across the top or around the sides of the foot.  A thong is also a version of underwear or swimwear.

thread  a slender, strong strand or cord, especially one designed for sewing or other needle work. Most threads are made by plying and twisting yarns. A wide variety of thread types is in use today e.g. spun cotton and spun polyester, core-spun cotton with a polyester filament core, polyester or nylon filaments (often bonded) , and monofilament threads.

thread count measured by adding the number of warp ends per inch and filling picks per square inch in the woven fabric. The higher the number, the more dense the yarns are packed together, but unfortunately thread count has come to be the major determinant of quality in the U.S. customer's eyes. The quality of the cotton and the finishing process after weaving can often be more important to the soft hand and durability of a fabric than a high thread count. 

throw a woman's scarf or light wrap.

tiara a three-tiered crown worn by the pope; a jeweled or flowered headband for formal wear by women

ticking a strong linen or cotton fabric used in upholstering and as a covering for a mattress or pillow.

tie neckwear

tie silk  a silk fabric of firm resilient pliable texture for neckties and for blouses and accessories.

tiffany  a sheer silk gauze formerly used for clothing and trimmings; a plain-woven open-mesh cotton fabric (as cheesecloth).

tights a skintight garment covering the body from the neck or the waist down; [Chiefly British] panty hose  Tights

tiking  cotton; usually twill (L2/1 or L3/1), some jacquard, satin, and dobby. Very tightly woven with more warp than filling yarns. Very sturdy and strong, smooth and lustrous.  Usually has white and colored stripes, but some patterned (floral).  Can be made water-repellent, germ resistant, and feather-proof. "Bohemian ticking" has a plain weave, a very high texture, and is featherproof.  Lighter weight than regular ticking.  Patterned with narrow colored striped on a white background or may have a chambray effect by using a white or unbleached warp with a blue or red filling.

tile hat, especially a high silk hat.

tin hat a metal helmet

tinted denim / dirty denim  denim that is woven with indigo and khaki/yellow fibers instead of indigo and white; creates a "dirty" look to the denim that shows through more and more with wash and wear; sandblasting (wearing out or scrubbing out indigo dye) can make tinting appear more prominent

tippet a shoulder cape of fur or cloth often with hanging ends; a long black scarf worn over the robe by Anglican clergymen during morning and evening prayer

tissue  a fine lightweight often sheer fabric.

titfer [British] hat

titian of a brownish orange color.

toboggan a knit hat worn to keep the head warm in cold temperatures. (not to be mistaken for a long sled.)  In Southern American English, Appalachian English, and Yooper dialect, toboggan refers to a type of hat. This is sometimes shortened to boggan or lengthened to boggan cap. This type of hat is also referred to by other names: knit hat or knit cap, sock cap or stocking cap, watch cap, tuque, skull cap or sometimes as a ski cap.

toile  any of many plain or simple twill weave fabrics especially linen.

toile de Jouy  a fabric printed in toile de Jouy, namely an 18th century French scenic pattern usually printed on cotton, linen, or silk in one color on a light ground.

toga the loose outer garment worn in public by citizens of ancient Rome; also, a similar loose wrap or a professional, official, or academic gown

top a garment worn on the upper body

top boot a high boot often with light-colored leather bands around the upper part

topcoat a lightweight overcoat

topee a lightweight helmet-shaped hat made of pith or cork

top hat a tall-crowned hat usually of beaver or silk.  However, they are also made of other fabrics.

topknot an ornament, as a knot of ribbons or a pompom, forming a headdress or worn as part of a coiffure; a crest of feathers or tuft of hair on the top of the head

topper silk hat; opera hat; a woman's usually short and loose-fitting lightweight outer coat

Trademark: Used for a low casual shoe having a rubber sole

toque a woman's small hat without a brim made in any of various soft close-fitting shapes

torchon  a coarse bobbin or machine-made lace made with fan-shaped designs forming a scalloped edge.

tow  yarn or cloth made of tow, namely a short or broken fiber (as of flax, hemp, or synthetic material) that is used especially for yarn, twine, or stuffing.

toweling  a cotton or linen fabric often used for making towels.

toy [Scottish] a linen or wool headdress depending to the shoulders once worn by old women of the lower classes

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