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tracking: The information given to monitor progress of a particular shipment to its destination. UPS, FedEx and Most freight companies will assign a number to your shipment. This number will show various details of your delivery such as the date to expect arrival. Most of the time you will have the ability to insert the tracking number into the freight carriers website for detailed information. (definition provided by Robert Cyr at RLC Trading.)

tracksuit a suit of clothing consisting usually of a jacket and pants that is often worn by athletes when working out / exercising.

trench trench coat

trench coat a waterproof overcoat with a removable lining; a double-breasted raincoat with deep pockets, wide belt, and straps on the shoulders

trews [Chiefly British] pant, especially tight-fitting trousers usually of tartan; close-cut tartan shorts worn under the kilt in Highland dress

triacetate  a man-made fiber produced from cellulose triacetate in the forms of filament yarn, staple and tow. Cellulose triacetate fiber differs from acetate fiber in that during its manufacture the cellulose is completely acetylated where as regular acetate, which is diacetate, is only partially acetylated.

tricolette  a usually silk or rayon knitted fabric used especially for women's clothing.

tricorne cocked hat

tricot  a plain warp-knitted fabric (as of nylon, wool, rayon, silk, or cotton) with a close inelastic knit and used especially in clothing (as underwear); a twilled clothing fabric of wool with fine warp ribs or of wool and cotton with fine weft ribs.  Vertical wales on surface and more or less crosswise ribs on the back.  Has a thin texture, made from very fine or single yarns. Glove silk is a double bar tricot (very run-resistant).  Used for underwear, sportswear, bathing suits, gloves.

tricotine  a sturdy suiting woven of tightly twisted yarns in a double twill.  Has a double twill rib on the face of the cloth.   Has a very clear finish.  It drapes well, and tailors easily.  Medium in weight. Has exceptional wearing qualities.  Very much like cavalry twill, but finer.  In the same family as whipcords, coverts, and gabardines.   63 twill, left to right (double).  Worsted, wool, rayon, blends with synthetics.

trilby a soft felt hat with indented crown

triple sheers   heavier and flatter than sheers.    Almost opaque.  Many are made from "Bemberg", which wears, drapes, and washes well.  Sheers are used extensively for after 5 wear, as well as afternoon dresses in heavier weights, and some coats, lingerie, curtains, trims, etc.

tropical worsteds  100% worsted.    If just called tropical, it can be made up in any fibre or blends of wool and a synthetic.  The yarns are very tightly twisted adn woven to permit a free circulation of air.   It is lightweight and is ideal for summer and tropical wear.  It has a clear finish.  Wears and tailors very well.  Both men's and women's suits and coats.
Weave: Plain and rather open weaves.

trouser pant [Usually used in plural]

trunk  [Plural] men's' shorts worn chiefly for sports

trunk hose short full breeches reaching halfway down the thigh worn chiefly in the late 16th and early 17th centuries

T-shirt a collarless short-sleeved or sleeveless usually cotton undershirt; also, an outer shirt of similar design

t-strap type of shoe.  The t-strap has a strap that encircles the ankle and runs down the top of the foot, resembling the letter T.

tube an article of clothing shaped like a tube, as tube top or tube socks

tuille one of the hinged plates before the thigh in plate armor

tulle  a sheer often stiffened silk, rayon, cotton or nylon net used chiefly for veils or ballet costumes.  Derived name from Tulle, France.  First made by machine in 1768.  Has a hexagonal mesh and is stiff.  Guaze, knotted, leno, made on a lace machine.  It is difficult to launder.  Comes is white and colors, and is very cool, dressy, and delicate.   It is a stately type of fabric when used for formal wear, and weddings. It is also used for ballet costumes and wedding veils.

tunic a simple slip-on garment made with or without sleeves and usually knee-length or longer, belted at the waist and worn as an under or outer garment by men and women of ancient Greece and Rome; surcoat; a long usually plain close-fitting jacket with high collar worn especially as part of a uniform; tunicle; a short overskirt; a hip-length or longer blouse or jacket

tunicle a short vestment worn by a subdeacon over the alb during mass and by a bishop under the dalmatic at pontifical ceremonies

tuque a warm knitted usually pointed stocking cap

turban a headdress worn chiefly in countries of the eastern Mediterranean and southern Asia especially by Muslims and made of a cap around which is wound a long cloth; a headdress resembling a Muslim turban, specifically a woman's close-fitting hat without a brim

turquoise a variable color averaging a light greenish blue.

turquoise blue a light greenish blue that is paler and slightly bluer than average turquoise.

turquoise green a light bluish green.

turtleneck a high close-fitting turnover collar used especially for sweaters; a sweater with a turtleneck

tussah  silk or silk fabric from the brownish fiber produced by larvae of some saturnid moths (as Antheraea paphia).  Usually plain but also in twill.  Made from wild or uncultivated silkworms.  It is coarse, strong, and uneven.  Dull lustre and rather stiff.  Has a rough texture with many slubs, knots, and bumps.  It is ecru or tan in color and it is difficult to bleach.  It usually doesn't take an even dye color.  Wears well and becomes more rough looking with wear.  It wrinkles a little, but not as much as some.   Various weights.  Appears in filament and staple form.  In lighter weights, dresses. In heavier weights, coats and suits and ensembles.

tutu a short projecting skirt worn by a ballerina

tuxedo a single-breasted or double-breasted usually black or blackish blue jacket;formal evening clothes for men

tweed   tweed clothing, specifically, a tweed suit, where tweed is a rough woolen fabric made usually in twill weaves and used especially for suits and coats.   A rough woolen fabric made usually in twill weaves and used especially for suits and coats.  It is the Scotch name for twill and originated along the banks of the Tweed river, which separates England from Scotland.  Sometimes known as "tweel".  Sistercloth of homespun cheviot and shetland.  They are the same in texture, yarn, weight, feel, and use.  Originally only made from different colored stock-dyed fibres, producing various color effects.  There are a wide range of rough surfaced, sturdy fabrics.  There are also some closely woven smoother, softer yarn fabrics, and many monotone tweeds.  May also be plaid, checked, striped, or other patterns.  Does not hold a crease very well.  Wool, also cotton, rayon, silk, linen, and synthetics.   Twill weave.

twill  a fabric with a twill weave, namely a textile weave in which the filling threads pass over one and under two or more warp threads to give an appearance of diagonal lines.

twill weave  is similar to a satin weave in the sense that the loom is floating the warp or weft yarns over yarns of the opposite direction, but with a twill the yarn is only passing over two of the opposite yarns. A twill is distinctive by the diagonal lines that appear in the fabric. A twill weave, like a satin weave, usually results in a softer fabric than a plain weave. It is excellent for brushed or napped cotton, and is superior for a feather pillow ticking because of its strength.

twinset a combination of a matching pullover and cardigan worn together

twist  the number of turns about its axis per unit of length of a yarn or other textile strand.

twisting  the process of combining filaments into yarn by twisting them together or combining two or more parallel single yarn (spun or frilament) into piled yarns or cords. Cables are made by twisting piled yarns or cords.

two-piece a garment, as a bathing suit, that is two-piece

tyrolean hat a head covering marked by soft often green felt, a narrow brim and pointed crown, and an ornamental feather

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