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Silk is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. The protein fiber of silk is composed mainly of fibroin and is produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons.

Silk Manufacturers

  Cathaya Zhe Jiang Silk Holding Co. (China)

  Hangzhou Jinfuchun: their company is an integrated company containing silk, silk fabric, chemical industry and chemical fibre. There are assets of 2.3 hundred million yuan in the company, there are more than 1100 staffers.

  Tongxiang Silk Product Ltd.: Since its establishment in 1987, Tongxiang Silk Product Ltd. has been putting strong strength on quality control, and enjoying a good reputation among silk dealers for its stable quality and timely delivery. Now it has developed into a manufacturer of complex silk products, and a kind of health food additive-Calcium Aspartic Acid. About 50% of the products are exported.

  Yixing East China Spun Silk Plant: Established in May 1993, Yixing East China Spun Silk Plant is an integrated enterprise engaged in production, trading and research of spun silk products, which covers an area of 35,000 square meters and owns fixed assets of RMB 35 million. Its 7500 spindles are capable of both silk refining and cotton yarn manufacturing. As one of the key textile enterprises in Wuxi, the company has been awarded various prizes, such as Model Collectivity of Wuxi, Star Enterprise of Yixing, Top 100 Industrial Enterprise, Favoured Enterprise for Finacial Support,Credit Enterprise of Wuxi, etc.. Spun silk is a kind of natural fiber and has been known as "Queen" fiber. It is featured for its soft feeling, good permeating and comfort when wearing on and efficiency for skin protection. With the unchallenged advantages in location and resources of silk, the company is devoted to the manufacturing of spun silk and its finished products. The annual turnout amounts to over 400 tons of 60N/2-210N/2 gray and dyed spun silk yarn, and blended yarns with wool, linen, viscose, cotton and hair.

  Zhejiang Yongtong Weaving and Dyeing Co. Ltd.: manufacturing of fabrics in china. Generally we deal with the following range of fabrics: Blend fabrics (t/c, t/r, c/l, c/r) Poly or Viscose woven(georgette peachskin, moss crepe, back crepe satin, chiffon Taffeta, crinkle etc. ) 100%Silk fabric (raw silk, dupion, crepe dechine, chiffon, voile etc. Nylon net and crocheted fabrics. Polynosic and polynosic blended fabric Jacquards and dobbys Spandex fabric Pure ramie fabric Flax and flax blends Linen and linen blends Knitted (polarfleece, ribs, sherpa, interlocks, velour etc.)

Silk News
Women's Silk Clothing

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