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Designer jeans are available at many different price points usually at several hundreds of dollars, with some going much higher (yes, that is possibly ridiculous depending on who you ask).

What are designer jeans? 

Designer jeans are denim pants made by designers.  If you are clever, you may be asking yourself, “aren’t all pants, shirts, socks, and shoes made by designers?”.  That is a good point and it is true that all clothing must be “designed” at some point in the process.  So, if all clothes are technically created by some sort of designer (merchandiser, illustrator, sketch artist, pattern maker, etc.), we should probably modify this definition a bit.  Let’s be more clear and say that “Designer Jeans are denim pants made by famous designers or popular designer brands”.

 Designer Jeans

Is the Apparel Search definition of designer jeans flawed? 

Well, it is very possible.  We are saying that “Designer Jeans are denim pants made by famous designers or popular designer brands”.  But if you are a fashion designer that is not yet famous and you wish to call your denim pants “designer jeans”, who are we to stop you?  We agree that the term is not firm and it does have some flexibility with room for interpretation. 

A few examples of past & present designer brand jeans are as follows (popular designers & famous brands):

Calvin Klein Jeans

Gorgio Armani Jeans

Jordache Jeans

Jordache Jeans

Guess? Jeans

What makes designer jeans better? 

The difference between a $350 pair of jeans and the $29 jeans often has to do with the fabric quality, hardware (zippers, buttons, etc.), finishing process, design details, where they are manufactured, etc.  Their honestly is a valid reason why some jeans cost more than others.

The fashion designers name or brand is at stake if the quality is poor.  When a designer reaches a certain level of success & fame they typically don’t like to lose their new found stature.  Providing a high quality product is important to keep consumers, fashion magazines, and celebrities happy with the product.  Often time the quality and price point of fashion dictates its position in the market place.  Popular designer brands typically need to have exposure in high end luxury retailers.  Such retailers will NOT be happy if a jean supplier ships them inferior product.  Therefore, designer jeans are “typically” made in high quality.

Luxury jeans brands also try to stand out from season to season by possibly using new & more expensive materials, special rivets and stitching, etc.  They can also use special washes and unique distressing methods to make the garments more unique. These might involve dying, pressing, and even using sandpaper and drills on the raw jeans.  Also, on expensive pants the sewing can potentially be done by hand rather than by machine.

Are designer jeans always better?

Sorry, but they are not always better.  Using the word “always” is difficult because there are generally exceptions to most rules.  There are actually a few reasons that designer jeans are not always better than other jeans.

It is very possible that a factory has made a poor batch of fabric or had a bad day at sewing, etc.  Certainly a clothing company should catch the factory errors during the quality inspection process, but there is always a slight possibility that something may slip thru the cracks.

In order to sell “designer jeans”, it is important to be a recognized famous brand.  What happens during that time period when a designer is making totally “amazing” jeans but they are not yet truly famous?  The designer is making great quality (very expensive) jeans but they are not technically designer jeans.   It is very possible that they can be selling jeans that are “better” than a company that qualifies to be selling designer jeans. 

Who creates designer jeans? 

It is important to understand that designer clothing is not always created by the founder of the company.  Even if the founder is still an active designer at the company they often have many workers under them in the business.  Even if an employee creates the garment, it is sold under the designers name or brand.  So, if you think a particular designer is an amazing visionary it can actually be their employee or employees that are the visionaries.  It is very possible that the famous designer that you know and love actually sucks at fashion design.  In addition, many large companies license out their clothing brands.  It can be an entirely different company designing, manufacturing, and distributing the brand you know and love.

Women's Designer Jeans

What are jeans?

Jeans are trousers, a type of garment, typically made from denim or dungaree cloth. Often the term "jeans" refers to a particular style of pants, called "blue jeans". 

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