Ripped Jeans

Are you tight on funds at the moment, or are you wearing ripped jeans because you want to?  Either way is cool.

Rose Color Ripped Jeans

Just because my jeans are tattered and torn does not mean that I am wearing them out of necessity.  Believe it or not, this year I can actually afford a new pair of pants.  In the old days, wearing a pair of ripped jeans indicated that the wearer could not afford a new pair of jeans (or their mother had not yet had enough time to patch them).  In the latter half of the 1990’s, wearing ripped jeans became a purposeful style and not necessarily a sign of a person’s financial situation.

This style became popular in the late 1980s during the hard rock/heavy metal era and in the 1990s and 2000s during the grunge era, being worn by grunge artists such as Kurt Cobain and others.  Ripped denim was also part of the punk fashion movement.

Ripped Jeans

The word rip means to cut or tear apart.  This can occur by accident or it can be done on purpose.  Ripped jeans are jeans with rips, often on the knees, but can be in various locations.  Worn and ripped jeans are also referred to as distressed.  However, distressed jeans do not necessarily have to have complete rips.

Women's Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans may arise naturally as a result of wear and tear, but jeans are also deliberately distressed by suppliers during the manufacturing process.  They should not be confused with used jeans.  Just because they have rips it does not necessarily mean that they are previously worn.

Torn Jeans

When wearing ripped jeans or other products beyond their normal replacement date, one reduces the number of jeans purchased and thereby actually helps the environment.

If you are unhappy with the rips in your jeans, you may want to cut the legs off entirely and turn them into jean shorts.

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gigi hadid ripped jeans

Do you want where pants with small tares or completely blown out knees?  Blue, skinny, plus size, and slim styles all work well as ripped jeans.  Pick your style, grab some scissors and go for it.  Have fun.  If you cut around the knees too far, you can always wear them as shorts.

Young Women's Ripped Jeans

High cost designer jeans often have rips and other special finishes added at the time of manufacturing.  Learn more about designer jeans and why they can be more expensive than some of the regular brands.

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Ripped Jean Shorts

If you are not a fan of ripped jeans, you may be a fan of a ripped stomach in jeans.

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Your fabulous ripped denim pants may be your favorite, but are they the absolute best pair of jeans on the planet?

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