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Social media has helped many designers and fashion companies show off new products and brands.  Does this mean that social media is the most important influence on fashion?  Well, to be honest, social media is only one of many factors that has the capacity to influence what we wear.  In regard to clothing, footwear, and accessories, consumers are influenced by many different factors.  Fashion magazines, social media, red carpet dresses, movies, music videos and a wide assortment of other things influence our buying decisions and what we choose to wear on a particular day. 

What are the most popular and influential clothing categories that affect the apparel industry and consumers?  On this page you will find clothes, shoes, or fashionable accessories that begin with the letter "P". 

Learn more about a few of the clothes categories that have an influence on our industry and consumers.

Packable Hats


Pant Styles


Penny Loafers

Peplum Dress

Peplum Tops

Performance Footwear

Plaid Shirts

Polarized Sunglasses

Polo Shirts


Prom Dresses



What have you decided to wear today?

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