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Parkas: A Cold-Weather Essential with Arctic Roots

A parka is a type of long, hooded coat, typically lined with fur or faux fur, designed to provide warmth and protection against cold, windy, and wet weather. Parkas are characterized by their length, often extending below the hips, and their insulated construction, making them a popular choice for extremely cold climates.

What is a Parka?


Hood: A distinctive feature of parkas is a large, insulated hood that often has a fur lining, which helps protect the face from wind and cold temperatures.

Length: Parkas are longer than most jackets, providing extended coverage, usually reaching mid-thigh or below.

Insulation: Parkas are heavily insulated to retain body heat in cold conditions, using materials like down, synthetic fill, or a combination of both.

Origin of the Name:

The name "parka" is believed to have originated from the Nenets language, a group of indigenous peoples from the Arctic region of Russia. In Nenets, "parka" translates to "animal skin" or "fur coat," which aptly describes the traditional materials and purpose of this type of outerwear.

History of Parkas:

Parkas have been used for centuries by various indigenous Arctic and sub-Arctic cultures, including the Inuit, Yupik, and Nenets peoples. These communities crafted parkas using animal hides and furs to withstand the harsh Arctic climates they inhabited.

The design and construction of parkas evolved over time, adapting to the specific needs of different cultures and geographic locations. European explorers and settlers also adopted similar designs to cope with the cold weather in Arctic regions.

In modern times, the parka gained widespread popularity during World War II when the United States Army adopted a variant of the N-3B parka to keep pilots warm during flight missions.

Popular Materials for Parkas:


Synthetic Fill:

Fur Lining:

Water-Resistant or Waterproof Fabrics:

Parkas have become a fashion staple beyond their practical origins, popular in colder regions worldwide. Their versatile design, combining warmth, functionality, and style, has made them a go-to choice for individuals facing cold weather, whether for outdoor activities or everyday wear.

Several fashion and outdoor brands are well-known and popular for their parkas, offering a blend of style, functionality, and warmth. These brands are recognized for their high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and design innovations in the realm of parkas. Here are some popular fashion brands known for their parkas:

Canada Goose:

The North Face:

Moose Knuckles:






These popular brands are known for their commitment to quality, durability, and style, making them popular choices for consumers seeking reliable and fashionable parkas, especially in colder climates.

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