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fashion research  Aktrin Textile Information Center (United States):  AKTRIN Research Institute was founded in 1985, with the purpose of publishing industrial and economic reports. Since 1988 the company has been fully dedicated to the secondary wood products and the textile industries. The AKTRIN Textile Information Center is well documented and maintains one of the largest data banks of textile related reports and marketing studies. Over the years, The AKTRIN Textile Information Center has gained a solid reputation for the depth of its studies and the relevance of its publications in addressing every day business concerns. The company is widely recognized as an authority on all textile related matters by the media, governments and industry leaders.   Publishers of trend reports, efficiency and profitability recommendations, and marketing studies. Also, comprehensive consulting services.

apparel research  Apparel Product Development and Marketing (Hong Kong): Research and development project, funded by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and focused on design, technology, information and management innovations in the apparel and fashion industries. Extensive list of ongoing projects. Discussion forum. Links to related sites.

fashion directory  Best Management Practices for Pollution Prevention in the Textile Industry:  Technical manual for best management practices for the prevention of pollution in the textile industry. From the US Environmental Protection Agency. PDF document of 443 pages.

fashion directory  Biomimicking of Enzymes for Textile Wet Processing: Part of an ongoing "green chemistry" research project at the National Textile Center of the Auburn University, focused on the development of simple biomimics that simulate glucose and lignin oxidases, peroxidases and peroxidase enzymes, capable of achieving good wet processing results and improving the retting process of flax fibers. Author: Gisela Buschle-Diller. PDF document.

fashion directory  Bubble Size Distribution of Foam: Image analysis based study of the influence of several physical parameters on bubble size in foam finishing of textile fabrics. From Autex Research Journal. Authors: C.W. den Engelsen, I.C. Isarin, H. Gooijer, M.M.C.G. Warmoeskerken and J. Groot Wassink. PDF document.

clothing industry  Clothing Industry Training Board (CITB) (South Africa) Education and professional training facility of the local textile and garment industry. Also, programs for the leather and footwear, automobile, retail and agricultural sectors.

clothing and textiles  Clotex. Clothing and Textile Service Centre (South Africa):  Information, advice and training services to the local textile and garment industries. Textile science and fashion chat boards. Links to related sites.

fashion directory  Cooperative Research Centre for Wool (Australia) Non-profit venture between government, universities and industry, dedicated to research and education on wool fiber, applications and processing technologies.

fashion directory  Fashion Careers of California College (FCC College): is a private postsecondary business school founded to provide a postsecondary, collegiate-level education for students seeking successful careers in the fashion industry. Fashion Careers of California College has developed degree and certificate programs to train students entering in a fashion career.

fashion directory  Fashion Design Center (Cairo)  international academy design school that offers a high quality fashion design course, fashion stylist course and vocational fashion design course. The courses are based on Italian fashion design school.  After many years of experience the Fashion Design School in Cairo, currently under the Ministry of Industry and Technological Development, is collaborating with one of the most famous institutes in Milan (Italy), Istituto di Moda Burgo, which thanks to 40 years experience has made possible to establish a new branch in Cairo in order to create new professional expert in the Fashion Field.

clothing and textiles fiberSource

fashion directory  The Future of Pollution Prevention: Review of present practices and an analysis of future needs and opportunities for pollution prevention, as an alternative to costly waste treatments in the global textile wet processing industry. Author: Brent Smith. PDF document.

fashion directory  IADT Las Vegas  was established to bring the Academy's Fashion Design, Interior Design, & Visual Communication programs to students in the Las Vegas area. They can help you turn your natural talent into the kind of skills that could get you an exciting job in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Web Design or Computer Graphics Design.

International Academy of Design & Technology - Chicago  

International Academy of Design & Technology - Detroit 

International Academy of Design & Technology - Nashville 

International Academy of Design & Technology - Orlando 

International Academy of Design & Technology - Seattle 

International Academy of Design & Technology - Schaumburg  The Fashion Design curriculum integrates the changing face of the global fashion industry with conventional skills, giving a well-rounded background to both fashion novices and those with an established background. Students in this program will study a combination of traditional techniques as well as computer-based design, pattern drafting and manufacturing to stay current with innovations in the field.

International Academy of Design & Technology - Tampa   The International Academy's Program in Fashion Design and marketing is demanding, technical, comprehensive, and industry-current. Students can gain a solid foundation in fashion illustration, pattern drafting, design, draping, clothing construction, textiles, fashion history and production techniques. All of the instruction is presented using industrial grade equipment in spacious and comfortable facilities built for optimum fashion design. Students are encouraged to realize their potential with inspiration provided by visiting designers and artisans with local and/or international reputations who conduct special lectures and workshops. The fashion design curriculum is a sound educational program with a particular mission of service to the fashion and related professions and industry. The fashion design department works diligently to achieve the following objectives: prepare students for professional careers, develop creative individual thinking, develop in its students a sense of uniqueness. A balanced curriculum can provide students with the expertise to design and communicate their ideas combining theoretical elements of design with creative and practical approaches to the solution of problems pertaining to the functional quality of marketable products. Students may receive an Associate of Science degree in Fashion Design and Marketing or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design and Marketing.

fashion directory  Identification and Reduction of Pollution Sources in Textile Wet Processing: Technical paper about the identification of pollutant sources in textile wet processing, and suggestions of some management strategies by which source reduction can be accomplished. Author: Brent Smith. PDF document.

fashion directory  Institute of Textile Technology (United States): Private, non-profit institute for textile research and education, providing training at graduate level. The institute maintains one of the largest textile research and development libraries in the world, keeping the textile industry apprised of global research findings.

fashion directory  International fabricare Institute: The association of Drycleaners, Wetcleaners and Launderers. 

fashion directory  ITRU GROUP LTD  (International Textile Research Unit ): concentrates on specific problems of mills as well as research and development in textile industry. Their intention is to improve your mill running conditions to the level of international standards to achieve lower cost of production, optimum quality of products and higher mill performance levels through R&D projects ,Knowledge Based Pc-programs and Management Systems  Address:  Velioglu Cad. 89/7  Mahmutbey Istanbul 34550 Turkiye  Phone:  90-212-6575692  Fax: 90-212-6300939  Email: itru@mail.com   Contact: Fatih Kalli-R&D Management

fashion directory  Lehigh Valley College  The Business Administration of Fashion Merchandising program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the fashion merchandising and retail industries. Business, marketing, management, and sales principles used within the fashion industry are presented as a means of developing concepts and refining merchandising skills. Their curriculum can develop competent multitasking skills, integrating conceptual and creative abilities with technical and sound business practices that can prepare our students for successful professional careers in the fashion industry. Upon successful completion of this program an Associate of Science is awarded.  Lehigh Valley College is located just outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania, on a beautiful 30-acre campus. Within an hour's drive of Bethlehem, Easton, and Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley College is also less than two hours from Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, and New York City!

fashion directory  Liza D Fashion School: This company is has educational classes and provides sourcing services.  Liza D Productions specializes in domestic manufacturing. They work with all fabrics from jersey to silk. Women's wear, men's wear, kids, and home wear. Bathing suits and lingerie as well. Factories are based in the New York area and Asia. Their services include fabric buying, and manufacturing for the customer. Pattern making and grading are services they provide as well. Address: New York NY

fashion directory  Market Reader Pro was launched in October, 2000 as a full-service market research company that utilizes online web surveys to collect data directly from a broad range of consumers on their behaviors, perceptions, needs, attitudes, and opinions.

fashion directory  NCJD. National Centre for Jute Diversification (India): Jute fiber promotion institute, involved in the commercialization of technologies for the manufacture of jute products. Services and support for research, design, development and marketing.

fashion directory  Okanagan Fashion Institute Inc in Kelowna, BC is a post secondary institute educating students at the core of the Fashion Industry.  Modeled after the traditional one-room School house, Okanagan Fashion Institute is a creative, friendly, funky & personable School, designed around the philosophy of "Hands on Learning". Okanagan Fashion Institute is registered with the Private Career Training Institutes Agency of British Columbia (PCTIA). With the culmination of the 9-Month Fashion Design Diploma Program, students will be trained & experienced in conceptualizing a Design, visually bringing their imagination to life through Fashion Illustration and Pattern Design & Cutting, to Sewing a finished garment (including both traditional & contemporary finishing techniques). In addition, students will be educated in the History of Costume & Clothing from the beginning of time, the Sociology of Fashion, Fashion Forecasting, Fashion Marketing & Advertising, Fashion Designers & Careers in the Fashion Industry, Textile Sciences, Colour Theory, Individual Beauty & Style, Fashion Entrepreneurship, Resume Building & Interview Skills, as well as Portfolio Composition & Design. Upon successful completion of the Fashion Design Program, students will be awarded a Diploma in Fashion Design.

fashion directory  Optimer, Inc (United States): Commercial research company, active in the development of new polymers, fibers and fiber finishing technologies, and high-performance fabric construction. Proprietory polyester fiber for specialty yarns. Elastomeric fiber from recycled plant by-products for sports wear. Also, contract development and performance testing of fabrics and garments.

fashion directory  Sanford-Brown Institute - NY   The Fashion Design & Merchandising Program offers a Specialized Associate degree designed to prepare students to work in almost any facet of the fashion industry. The student can learn to integrate conceptual and creative abilities with technical and professional business practices. They can master both the requirements of design as well as the requirements of marketing that design to the ultimate customer. Students can receive training in creative design, technical design, marketing, merchandising and visual merchandising. Students present portfolios and stage fashion shows at various stages during their studies. They can also develop critical thinking and oral and written communication skills necessary for success in today's environment. During the final quarter, there is a required internship that should enable students to work side-by-side with industry professionals at an established, successful fashion company. The graduate should learn to be pro-active in attaining their goals in both their career and life. 

fashion directory  San Joaquin Delta College Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design:Major in Apparel Design or Fashion Merchandising, earn a certificate or Associate of Arts Degree and enter the fashion industry fully prepared with the skills and knowledge to be successful. Courses are semester-length and integrate the most current information and state-of-the-art technology, including ModaCad, ModaWeave, PAD, 3-D Visual Merchandiser and Encad fabric printers. Address: 5151 Pacific Avenue Stockton, CA USA 95207 Phone: 209-954-5516 Fax: 209-954-5600 Email: lasfour@deltacollege.org Contact: Leslie Asfour, Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Instructor

fashion directory  Tannet (Europe) European Community sponsored project, dedicated to research and development of innovative and environmentally responsible processing procedures and methods in the leather tanning and manufacturing industries.

fashion directory  Textiles Human Resources Council (THRC) (Canada): Non-profit partnership between trade unions and industry, involved in the developmentof training and education programs in the textile industry. List of programs, and demo for web based training courses.

fashion directory  Textile Technology Center (TTC) (Canada): Private, non-profit corporation devoted to improving productivity in the textile and para-textile industries. Applied research and testing services for textile materials and products. English and French.

fashion directory  Tucson Design College: Tucson Design College offers the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fashion. This program provides students with the basic design and merchandising skills necessary for entry-level employment in the Fashion Design or Merchandising Industries.

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