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Comercializadora Montecristo S.A de C.V is a family business established in 1987, with the goal of bringing the products generated on their farm to the international market. Over 900 acres of palm provide them with the material for coconut flakes, coconut bones and the coconut husk from which they extract the natural Coir fiber and Coir Dust. With the acquisition and expansion of their factory designed to extract the coir fiber and the coir dust, they developed their successful product Tierra Para Macetas, a 100% organic potting soil.  This and their other products are sold across Mexico and the US to Nurseries, growers and farmers , and are now available for purchase at many garden stores.

fashion directory  Cotton Marketing Weekly: weekly newsletter devoted to a discussion of the cotton situation and outlook, for growers, processors and end users.  Extension service of the Mississippi State University, and compiled by Dr. O.A. Cleveland, Jr.

Fantasy fibers: People with solutions for your fiber, fleece and yarn processing needs. Custom, exotic, fiber washing, dehairing, carding, blending and spinning. Complete fiber processing and sales for Alpaca, Angora, Cashmere, Hemp, Llama, Mohair, Merino, Pygora, Qiviut and many other fibers. Processed fibers available in batts, roving or yarn. Design your own blends or try one of theirs.

fashion directory  Huitong-Wanfu Chemical fiber Co., Ltd: China. Specialty fire-resistant and anti-static fibers for textile and nonwoves research and developement, and small scale manufacturing, from polyester. Also, polyester resins and films. Part of Huitong Technique Co., Ltd.

fashion directory  The International Forum for Cotton Promotion (IFCP) is a non-governmental body composed of national and international cotton industry organizations. The mission of the IFCP is to encourage increased consumer demand for cotton through the implementation of national cotton demand enhancement programs. The Forum serves as a clearinghouse for information about proven techniques of cotton promotion, best practices in retail-level communication, and cost-effective measures of boosting consumer demand.

Koenig Farms (USA): they are proud to present a variety of homespun yarns produced entirely on their family farm in Arlington, Ky. In order to produce their luxurious mohair yarns, their Angora Goats share their mohair with them twice a year. First, they shear the mohair and gently wash it. Then, the fiber is processed into yarn in their spinning mill. After the yarn is spun, they either keep it natural or it is hand painted into a wide spectrum of luscious colors for your knitting pleasure.

Mill Canyon: Mill Canyon is a unique business in that they are able to control the processing of fiber from start to finish.  The breeding program plays a huge part in the quality of the fiber. Then it's on to lambing and selection of the individuals who will remain in the flock. Then shearing and sorting fleeces according to quality. Then onto the mill where the processing begins. At the end is a quality yarn that they put their name on. If it comes from Mill Canyon you can rest assured that it is 100% natural fiber.

fashion directory  National Cotton Council: representing all seven US cotton industry segments - producers, ginners, warehousers, merchants, crushers, cooperatives and manufacturers

Natstat: Natural fibers Statistical Database

fashion directory  Nunn Cotton Co., Inc: USA. International marketing agency for the cotton trade. Weekly newsletter with analysis of market activities and trends, and other topics relevant to cotton. List of links to cotton related sites.

Ozark Carding Mill (USA): they offer custom fiber processing and produce quality roving, batts and webs. Explore their site to learn more about how they can turn your raw wool, angora, mohair or exotic fiber into a product spinners will love. They offer individualized attention to each and every fleece.  They use the finest cottage industry machines available, set up for fine to coarse fibers. They take care not to overprocess your fiber

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