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Acordis: A multinational group of businesses, it supplies customers throughout the world with man-made fibres and speciality materials for industrial, textile, medical and hygiene applications.

fashion directory  Allied Textile & Refuse Inc.: Buys waste textiles and mill refuse and recycles it into usable fibers and wipers.

fashion directory  American fiber Manufacturers Association (AFMA): List of AFMA members and direct Internet links.

fashion directory  China Linen Textile Industry, Ltd. is principally engaged in the production and sale of linen yarn and various types of linen fabric. The Company is also involved in consultation and R&D related to linen technology and linen products. The Company carries on all of its business activities through its subsidiary, Heilongjiang Lanxi Sunrise Linen Textile Industry Co., Ltd. ("Lanxi Sunrise"), established in June 2002 and located in Lanxi County, the "Homeland of Flax in China," near Harbin City in China. Lanxi Sunrise has one yarn-spinning factory, one bleaching factory and two fabric weaving factories in its 35,120 square meters of building area with a staff of 1,400 and 430 sets of world-class, advanced production machinery. Annual production capacity totals approximately 2,220 tons with 50 different types of yarn and 10 million meters of fabric with 110 types. Approximately 50 percent of its products are exported to more than 10 countries.

fashion directory  China Zhuhai Lixin Leather Factory Factory  they are a professional manufacturer and exporter of snake leather products in china. Their main products include snakeskin leather, snake handbags, snake belts, pet collars and accessories.

Comercializadora Montecristo S.A de C.V is a family business established in 1987, with the goal of bringing the products generated on their farm to the international market. Over 900 acres of palm provide them with the material for coconut flakes, coconut bones and the coconut husk from which they extract the natural Coir fiber and Coir Dust. With the acquisition and expansion of their factory designed to extract the coir fiber and the coir dust, they developed their successful product Tierra Para Macetas, a 100% organic potting soil.  This and their other products are sold across Mexico and the US to Nurseries, growers and farmers , and are now available for purchase at many garden stores.

fashion directory  Cotton Marketing Weekly: weekly newsletter devoted to a discussion of the cotton situation and outlook, for growers, processors and end users.  Extension service of the Mississippi State University, and compiled by Dr. O.A. Cleveland, Jr.

  Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia Ltd (TFIA) Was first established in 1940s and today represents a growing diversity of Australian Textile, Clothing and Footwear businesses, their owners and employees. These businesses make products not only for the textile and fashion sectors but also for automotive, food, construction, medical, defense, sport and even aerospace.

fashion directory Fantasy fibers: People with solutions for your fiber, fleece and yarn processing needs. Custom, exotic, fiber washing, dehairing, carding, blending and spinning. Complete fiber processing and sales for Alpaca, Angora, Cashmere, Hemp, Llama, Mohair, Merino, Pygora, Qiviut and many other fibers. Processed fibers available in batts, roving or yarn. Design your own blends or try one of theirs.

fashion directory  Fibre Hemp. Potentials and Constraints: from the Canadian Department of Agriculture. Extensive article on the history, production, characteristics and applications of hemp fiber.

fashion directory  Filament Fiber Technology Inc. (FFT) is an established company with experienced personnel, machinery developed specifically for polypropylene, and renewed innovation enhanced by the Cha Technologies group management team. FFT is a unique manufacturer of fine denier, producer colored polypropylene filament yarn. Founded in 1978, FFT is located in Salisbury, NC. Our experienced personnel, along with machinery developed specifically for the extrusion, friction texturing and draw winding of polypropylene, are able to customize yarns to meet your most challenging requirements.

fashion directory  Fitesa (Brazil) Producer of polypropylene staple fibers. Manufacturer of spunbond and spunbond-meltblown fabrics, mainly for coverstock.

fashion directory  Fornits' Industrial Hemp Archive:  information on hemp fiber and products, on-line book ordering, media articles and history.

fashion directory  Goldtex (China): Chemical fiber branch: It is built in 1990 with fixed assets over 100 million RMB and staff members more than 150 including 20 technical personnel. Equipped by German FDY artificial silk production line, POY line, and 4 sets of England matched super pickers, the branch has a quality control system with 3 sets of new USTER testers to ensure the product quality. Besides, it has cooperation and exchanges with many science research institutions like Chinese Textile University, Beijing Textile Academy of Sciences, Mid-China University of Technology

Guangxi Sisal Group Co. Ltd. company is the largest state-owned enterprise of sisal planting, producing and selling,combinating agriculture,industry, commerce and technology esarch as a whole.It has planting base of narly 4,000 hectares with 15,000 metric tons of annual output of sisal fiber.

fashion directory  Hangzhou Jinfuchun: their company is an integrated company containing silk, silk fabric, chemical industry and chemical fibre. There are assets of 2.3 hundred million yuan in the company, there are more than 1100 staffers.

fashion directory  Huitong-Wanfu Chemical fiber Co., Ltd: China. Specialty fire-resistant and anti-static fibers for textile and nonwoves research and developement, and small scale manufacturing, from polyester. Also, polyester resins and films. Part of Huitong Technique Co., Ltd.

fashion directory  Indo Rama Synthetics (I) Ltd. (India) was established in India in 1989 with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. A hi-tech plant was set up with a capacity of 21,120 spindles for synthetic blended yarns at Pithampur near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. It has ever since become one of the largest producer-exporters in the synthetic blended yarn industry in India. It was a commendable performance for Indo Rama to post impressive profits in the very first year of its Indian operations.   The company boasts of covering diverse fields of polyesters (staple fibre, filament yarn, spun yarn and textile grade chips).

fashion directory  Institute of Chemical fibers (Poland): Basic and applied research in the fields of natural polymers and their applications in fiber manufacturing, and production processes and technologies for chemical fibers.

fashion directory  The International Forum for Cotton Promotion (IFCP) is a non-governmental body composed of national and international cotton industry organizations. The mission of the IFCP is to encourage increased consumer demand for cotton through the implementation of national cotton demand enhancement programs. The Forum serves as a clearinghouse for information about proven techniques of cotton promotion, best practices in retail-level communication, and cost-effective measures of boosting consumer demand.

Koenig Farms (USA): they are proud to present a variety of homespun yarns produced entirely on their family farm in Arlington, Ky. In order to produce their luxurious mohair yarns, their Angora Goats share their mohair with them twice a year. First, they shear the mohair and gently wash it. Then, the fiber is processed into yarn in their spinning mill. After the yarn is spun, they either keep it natural or it is hand painted into a wide spectrum of luscious colors for your knitting pleasure.

fashion directory  KoSa Corp (USA). Multi-national polyester filament, fiber and resin manufacturer. Large site, with detailed information about the company's range of products. Since the close of 1998, the new home of Trevira fibers, which was formerly the polyester business of Hoechst.

fashion directory  Leggett & Platt: The Textile & fiber Products Division of Leggett & Platt is the North American leader in the processing of Engineered Textile and Polyester Staple fibers. Their wide range of products is used for padding, support, fill and comfort in the Mattress, Furniture, Carpet Cushion, Roofing and Automotive industries. They are the leading innovator in high loft Air Filtration Media. Their Mountain Mist and Buffalo Snow lines of Craft and Seasonal Decorations are distributed through retailers nationwide.

Mill Canyon: Mill Canyon is a unique business in that they are able to control the processing of fiber from start to finish.  The breeding program plays a huge part in the quality of the fiber. Then it's on to lambing and selection of the individuals who will remain in the flock. Then shearing and sorting fleeces according to quality. Then onto the mill where the processing begins. At the end is a quality yarn that they put their name on. If it comes from Mill Canyon you can rest assured that it is 100% natural fiber.

MTLS International Inc. (USA): Manufacturers' representatives of carbon and basalt fibers and filaments for high-performance technical and industrial applications.

fashion directory  National Cotton Council: representing all seven US cotton industry segments - producers, ginners, warehousers, merchants, crushers, cooperatives and manufacturers

Natstat: Natural fibers Statistical Database

fashion directory  Nunn Cotton Co., Inc: USA. International marketing agency for the cotton trade. Weekly newsletter with analysis of market activities and trends, and other topics relevant to cotton. List of links to cotton related sites.

Ozark Carding Mill (USA): they offer custom fiber processing and produce quality roving, batts and webs. Explore their site to learn more about how they can turn your raw wool, angora, mohair or exotic fiber into a product spinners will love. They offer individualized attention to each and every fleece.  They use the finest cottage industry machines available, set up for fine to coarse fibers. They take care not to overprocess your fiber

fashion directory  PT. Tunas Sepadan Investama (Indonesia). Diversified group of manufacturing companies. active in fibers, textiles, tires and food products. Polyester staple fiber for yarns spinning and nonwovens manufacture. Also, polyamide filament, and polyester filament and spun yarns for weaving and knitting.

fashion directory  Saehan (Korea) was established in 1972 with the capital and technology of Cheil Synthetic fiber Inc., which was an affiliated company of Samsung. Since then, Saehan has been a leading company in the domestic synthetic and chemical fiber industry for more than 3 decades. Saehan specifically focused its resources in manufacturing high valued added products. Saehan has imported collective manufacturing systems, which connected the textile business unit from the Gyungsan plant with the polyester staple fiber (PSF) processing line from the Gumi plant.

fashion directory  SaSa AP  (Turkey): Manufacturer of polyester staple fiber, filament and resins for the nonwovens, textiles and packaging industries. Member of the Sabancy Holding Group.

fashion directory  Shinta Group (Indonesia): Indonesia based textile group manufacturing polyester, fiber and yarn.

fashion directory  Steen Co GmbH  (Germany):  Polypropylene and polyethylene fiber for wet- and drylaid nonwoven manufacturing processes.  Also, short cut fine fiber for filling compounds and plastic moulding. English and German.

  Ten Pow Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.: Ten Pow Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional polyamide 6 and 66 staple fiber maker in Taiwan and involved in the production for over 20 years. The products cover the applications of cotton spinning, woolen/worsted spinning, non-woven interlining fabric, carpet and flocking. Production range: Diameter: 1 den ~ 70 den Length: 1" ~ 272" Luster: Bright, Semi-Dull, Full-Dull, Sporking Address: Miao Li Hsien 367 Taiwan

fashion directory  Tergal Fibres  (France) Polyester fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens manufacturing. Spun dyed staple fiber for nonwoven automotive and disposable hygiene products. Also, polyester resins for bottle manufacturing. English, French and German.

  Tongxiang Silk Product Ltd.: Since its establishment in 1987, Tongxiang Silk Product Ltd. has been putting strong strength on quality control, and enjoying a good reputation among silk dealers for its stable quality and timely delivery. Now it has developed into a manufacturer of complex silk products, and a kind of health food additive-Calcium Aspartic Acid. About 50% of the products are exported.

fashion directory  Tuntex Co., Ltd (Thailand) Polyester staple fiber for nonwovens and yarn manufacturing applications. Also, polyester chips, and a variety of continuous filament yarns for weaving and knitting. Detailed product specifications.

  The Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group : Vietnam National Textile Garment Group (Vinatex) is a complex that is owned by companies including Vietnam Textile Garment Group (the mother company), the centers for research and training, and nearly 120 sub-companies. These sub-companies are joint stock companies that do business in different fields, e.g., produce textile garments and run commercial services. They also have their distribution systems including wholesale and retail dealers. They invest in finance and in supporting main garment textile production. Vinatex is one of the largest and the most competitive textile garment corporations in Asia.

fashion directory  Wellman,Inc (USA): Multi-national company, manufacturing polyester chips, engineering resins, fiber and filament. High quality fibers from recycled polyester. Maintains its own international collection operation for recycable polyester. English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Willow Creek Farm (Dawns Custom Carding) (USA): their farm is a family business and they have been processing wool and wool products for the past 10 years.  They process long to fine wools, alpaca, llama and mohair.  They offer custom fiber processing and produce quality roving, batts and webs.  They recently purchased an M-26 industrial carding machine to compliment their two Patrick Green Carders, which will increase their processing capacity considerably.

  Yixing East China Spun Silk Plant: Established in May 1993, Yixing East China Spun Silk Plant is an integrated enterprise engaged in production, trading and research of spun silk products, which covers an area of 35,000 square meters and owns fixed assets of RMB 35 million. Its 7500 spindles are capable of both silk refining and cotton yarn manufacturing. As one of the key textile enterprises in Wuxi, the company has been awarded various prizes, such as Model Collectivity of Wuxi, Star Enterprise of Yixing, Top 100 Industrial Enterprise, Favoured Enterprise for Finacial Support,Credit Enterprise of Wuxi, etc.. Spun silk is a kind of natural fiber and has been known as "Queen" fiber. It is featured for its soft feeling, good permeating and comfort when wearing on and efficiency for skin protection. With the unchallenged advantages in location and resources of silk, the company is devoted to the manufacturing of spun silk and its finished products. The annual turnout amounts to over 400 tons of 60N/2-210N/2 gray and dyed spun silk yarn, and blended yarns with wool, linen, viscose, cotton and hair.

fashion directory  Y. K. Leather: One of the best tanneries that has reached European standard in both tanning skill and leather finishing. The quality and price are competitive. Address: Kwun Tong  Hong Kong

fashion directory  Zheijang Jinyang Holding Group: Zhejiang Jinyang Holding Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, with first-class standard of plant and ancillary facilities, built with spinning production line, and plus elastic production lines, bringing together with Japan's Murata 33H, Japan TMT S + Z, Germany Barmag FK6V-1000, FK6M-1000, Germany OCN-FK6V-1000S + Z and other international advanced equipment. We produce variety polyester POY and DTY, including semi-dull, full dull, bright, and TBR in color or raw white. Also cationic modification of POY, DTY, and different fabrics. All kinds of client needs can be met.   They also invest in Bang Lian, which is the 2nd largest manufacturer of Spandex (melt diretly spinning) in Asia.

  Zhejiang Yongtong Weaving and Dyeing Co. Ltd.: manufacturing of fabrics in china. Generally we deal with the following range of fabrics: Blend fabrics (t/c, t/r, c/l, c/r) Poly or Viscose woven(georgette peachskin, moss crepe, back crepe satin, chiffon Taffeta, crinkle etc. ) 100%Silk fabric (raw silk, dupion, crepe dechine, chiffon, voile etc. Nylon net and crocheted fabrics. Polynosic and polynosic blended fabric Jacquards and dobbys Spandex fabric Pure ramie fabric Flax and flax blends Linen and linen blends Knitted (polarfleece, ribs, sherpa, interlocks, velour etc.)

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