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fashion directory  Advanced Sewing Technologies: They have over 4000 rebuilt machines in stock.  If they don't have your particular model in their inventory, they will locate one for you.  They will also install, set up, and service, equipment. They are aggressively trying to sell to the Mexican market. Pittsburgh, PA  Phone: 412-781-3222 or 800-626-0823   Fax: 412-781-3245

fashion directory  Ahearn Cutting Room Equipment & Supply Co.: Ahearn Cutting Room Equipment and Supply Company prides itself on always supplying our customers with the highest quality equipment and service possible. With the strong company values instilled by their father, Barbara and JoAnne, along with the whole Ahearn team, look forward to serving their customers well into the next millennium.  Los Angeles, CA  Phone: 800-300-2555 or 213-626-6765  Fax: 213-614-9937

fashion directory  Albedo International Inc.
Address:  7220 N.W. 36 St., Suite 200  Miami, FL 33166  Phone: 305-593-5434  Fax: 305-593-2396 E-mail:

fashion directory  Irving Berkowitz Co. Inc.: They provide hundreds of thousands of items for virtually all equipment being comonly used by the apparel and other sewn products industries.  Location: 33 W. 26th St. New York, NY 10010  Phone: 212-481-7850  Fax: 212-481-7866 E-mail: 

fashion directory  Chandler Machine Sales Co. Inc.
Address:  690 N. Queens Ave.  Lindenhurst, NY 11757  Phone: 631-884-7500Fax: 631-884-1966 E-mail:

fashion directory  Consew
Address:  131 W. 25th St.  New York, NY 10001  Phone: 212-741-7788  Fax: 212-741-7787 E-mail:

fashion directory  Contech Address:  1756 S. 151st St. West  Goddard, KS 67052  Phone: 316-722-6907  Fax: 316-722-2976 E-mail:

fashion directory  Cutting/sewing Room Equipment Co. Inc.
Address:  P.O. Box 29674  1816 Briarwood Industrial Court Atlanta, GA 30329  Phone: 404-321-3607 Fax: 404-321-6143

fashion directory  D&G Sewing Machine Corp.
Address:  4301 Palm Ave. Hialeah, FL 33012  Phone: 305-558-1752  Fax: 305-558-9914 E-mail:

fashion directory  Eastman Machine Co.
Address: 779 Washington St. Buffalo, NY 14203 Phone: 716-856-2200  Fax: 716-856-1140 E-mail:

fashion directory  Florida Sewing Machines

fashion directory  Galkin Automated Products
Address: 97 Otis St.  W. Babylon, NY 11704  Phone: 631-643-5432  Fax: 631-643-1472

fashion directory  Hiker: HIKER USA, INC. is an American company that is incorporated in the state of Arizona and is located about 15 miles east of Phoenix. HIKER USA, INC. was established in 2002 to meet the ever-growing demand for HIKER's quality grommets, grommeting equipment and excellent prices. While meeting that demand, HIKER USA, INC. has experienced non-stop growth and has satisfied customers and dealers in the United States and around the world.

fashion directory  Hickory Foundry & Machine Co. Inc.
Address:  120 10th St. S.W. P.O. Box 1724 Hickory, NC 28603 Phone: 828-322-4292/888-443-6622 Fax: 828-322-7043  E-mail:

fashion directory  Intertex Trading Corp.
Address:  P.O. Box 402586  Miami Beach, FL 33140  Phone: 305-865-5355  Fax: 305-866-7727

fashion directory  Jado Sewing Machine Inc.
Address:40-08 22nd St.  Long Island City, NY 11101  Phone: 718-784-2314  Fax: 718-784-2411

fashion directory  John E. Fox Inc. (The Fox Company)
Address:  2909 Interstate St.  Charlotte, NC 28208 Phone: 704-399-4581 

fashion directory  H. Maimin Co. Inc.
Address:  Route 341, P.O. Box 549  Kent, CT 06757  Phone: 800-243-4645  Fax: 860-927-4703

fashion directory  New York Sewing Machine Attachment Corp.
Address:  32 W. 25th St.  New York, NY 10010  Phone: 212-532-2163/800-225-2852
Fax: 212-463-7132  E-mail:

fashion directory  Pennsew
Address:  215 Vandale Dr.  Houston, PA 15342  Phone: 800-245-0708  Fax: 724-746-3122

fashion directory  Ronis Brothers
Address:  257 W. 38th St.  New York, NY 10018  Phone: 212-575-2679  Fax: 212-575-2687

fashion directory  Saber Industries Inc.
Address:  600 21st Ave. N.  P.O. Box 99  Nashville, TN 37202  Phone: 615-329-9398 E-mail:

fashion directory  Shumkong Yamata USA Inc.
Address:  2830 N.W. 72nd Ave. Miami, FL 33122  Phone: 305-418-4421

fashion directory  Michel Simard Ltd.
Address:  170 Sheldon Dr.  Cambridge  Ontario, Canada N1R 7K1  Phone: 519-622-0850    E-mail:

fashion directory  Singer Industrial Sewing Products Co.
Address: 4500 Singer Rd. Murfreesboro, TN 37129  Phone: 615-893-6493 E-mail:

fashion directory  SouthStar Supply Co.
Address:  P.O. Box 90147 Nashville, TN 37209  Phone: 615-353-7000

fashion directory  Superior Sewing Machine & Supply Co.
Address:  48 W. 25th St.  New York, NY 10010 Phone: 212-691-3400

fashion directory  WMC Corp.
Address:  12300 Montague St.  Pacoima, CA 91331 Phone: 818-899-0217

fashion directory  Wolf Machine Co.
Address:  5570 Creek Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45242  Phone: 513-791-5194

fashion directory  Zenith Cutter Co.
Address: 5200 Zenith Parkway  Rockford, IL 61111  Phone: 800-223-5202

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