Laundry Machinery: for the Apparel & Textile Industry

Industrial laundry machines for the textile and apparel industry.

fashion directory  Ajax Finishing Equipment: Manufacturer of quality drycleaning and laundry presses, cabinet shirt presses and drying tumblers for the drycleaning, laundry, garment and textile industries.

fashion directory  Arnopole: Manufacturer of light-bar counting systems for industrial laundries, dye-houses, textile processing and general manufacturing facilities.

fashion directory  Brim Laundry: Manufacturers and distributors of a broad range of laundering equipment including Brim, Ajax, Boewe-Passat, Cissell, Colmac, Edro, Huebsch, Unipress, and Williams & Davis

fashion directory  Chicago Dryer Company Flatwork Finishing System: Chicago is a specialist in flatwork finishing system, commercial laundry equipment, and textile finishing systems.

fashion directory  Cleaners' Finishing Equipment - Sankosha: Manufacturer of cleaners' finishing equipment

fashion directory  Commercial and Industrial Laundry Equipment: New Zealand manufacturer of commercial and industrial laundry equipment, both solvent-based and water-based. Primarily serving New Zealand and Fiji.

fashion directory  Danube International (Fance): French manufacturer of laundry equipment, including: flatwork dryer-ironers, finishers, tumble dryers, washer-extractors, pass-thru washers and wet cleaning equipment.

fashion directory  Esporta Wash Systems Inc.: Manufacturer of specialized equipment designed to wash and dry bulky sports equipment, including sports uniforms with pads and attached gear. A unique bag system keeps each set separate, eliminating the need to sort after cleaning.

fashion directory  Girbau SA: Manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment including washer-extractors, flatwork ironers, continuous batch washer.

fashion directory  Han Seong Machinery.Mfg.Co.: Korean manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment. Including washers, extractors, drying tumblers, and separators.

fashion directory  Qualitex: Manufacturer of dry cleaning and garment apparel press pads.

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