Packing & Folding Machinery for the Clothing and Textile Industry
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The machinery in the "Packing & Folding Machinery" section assists with the packing and folding process.  If you are looking for machinery that produces "packaging" (packaging materials) visit the machinery packaging page.

fashion directory  Nedco :(USA) automatic folding equipment.   At National Equipment Development Company (NEDCO) their goal is to be the best and most innovative Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of finishing and packaging equipment for the textile and apparel trades.

fashion directory  Offri  (USA Representative; Symtec):  they manufacture machinery that packages cloth rolls in polyethylene film.  End closure is by thremosealing, thermoblowing or clipping.  Lengthwise seal is by heated blades.  PLC unit controls the machine, which is capable of packing up to 150 rolls per hour.  The machine handles fabrics up to 135 inches wide and 4 to 24 inches in diameter.  The machine also offers a quick change from up to four film thickness

fashion directory  Siscodata (Italy): Textile factory and packaging automation systems & solutions.  Their most successful systems consist in entire lines that follow the manufacturing of a product, from assembling to packaging and handling. This has been possible thanks to the integration of advanced and highly flexible anthropomorphous robots with packaging and handling machines.

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