Sewing Machine Manufacturers by Country
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USA Europe
AMF-Reece Durkopp Adler
Merrow Rimoldi Necchi
US Blindstitch Pfaff
Schips A.G
Japan VSM Group AB / Viking
Pegasus Taiwan
Juki Union Special Chee Siang (Golden Wheel)
Brother (USA offices) Sew. Quilt. Embroider. Bring your visions to life with their machines. Shing Ling
Yamato Shing Ray
Kansai (Morimoto)

Jack Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Directory for the Clothing Industry ...

If you are sewing large quantities of clothing, we strongly suggest you also research needle detection machinery to make sure broken needles do not accidentally get stuck in your garments during production.  You can find wholesalers at needle detector wholesalers and you can find manufacturers at needle detector factories.

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