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fashion directory Keum Yong: they manufacture machinery that produces long, short and no loops in the same pattern.  According to the company, no jacks are used, but the loop formation is controlled through sinkers.  The system has been patented.

fashion directory  Kingknit Machinery Company (Taiwan):  is a leading manufacturer of advanced knitting machines based in Taiwan. They serve both domestic (Taiwan) and most Southeast Asian markets (China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore) and are quickly entering European and U.S. markets.  They design and manufacture a broad range of equipment.  Their product lineup includes: Single Knit Series: High Speed 4-Track, High Speed 2-Track, 3-Thread Fleece, Jacquard. Terry Series: Standard Terry, 2-Track PK Terry, Reversed Plating Terry, Double-Face Terry. Double Knit Series: High Speed 2+4 Track, Rib, Jacquard.

fashion directory Rumi (Italy): produces machines for knitting factories.

fashion directory  Swastik Textile offers almost the complete Range of Textile Wet Processing & Finishing Machines from Scouring and Bleaching to Finishing and Folding with the latest fully Automatic Control Instruments and for a variety of fabrics made of Natural and Synthetic fibers, including Cotton, Polyester, Wool, Viscose, Silk and various type of fabrics like Wooven, Knitted, Terry, Tubular Knitted fabrics etc. - SWASTIK can also offer Wider Width Machines and special purpose machines to suit any and all requirements.

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