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fashion directory  Alandale: specifically for the circular knitting market.  Alandale Industries offers innovative products from clever creel designs to effective lint control. Their products, developed and tested in their own knitting plant, are designed to overcome the many challenges facing the knitting industry all over the world. At Alandale Industries, they know how important it is to keep your knitting machines producing top quality fabrics, year after year.

fashion directory  AMTEX  is the new name of traditional Czech circular knitting machines. However, they are not new- comers in the circular machine industry. Their company has taken over know how, production and the most of highly experienced designers, engineers, mechanics and other employees from Zbrojovka Vsetin KM, a.s., a traditional Czech (formerly Czechoslovak) manufacturer of large diameter circular knitting machines, who went into liquidation. They are now continuing the already 46-year long tradition and history of circular knitting machine manufacturing in Vsetin, Czech Republic under their own name AMTEK. They have purchased original Zbrojovka knitting machines know how and manufacturing rights and acquired key designers, engineers and mechanics with life long experience in designing and building knitting machines. However, after careful analysis they decided not to restart production as it was left by Zbrojovka but rather to innovate the machines completely to achieve state-of-the-art circular knitting machines. Of course, the good features of Zbrojovka machines, such as their stability and reliability together with the very long durability of cams, were preserved.

  • Single Jersey Knitting Machinery
  • Double Jersey Knitting Machinery

fashion directory  Brother International Ltd. (Japan;with international offices): Sewing machines, knitting machines and embroidery machines. Since its early days as a manufacturer of sewing and knitting machines, Brother has kept pace with the fast moving world of fashion.  In the field of ready-to-wear garments, Brother is responding to change in the modern apparel industry where sensitivity to customer needs, premium product quality, and cost reductions are watchwords. Brother not only creates but also develops the optimal environment for each production facility, ranging from the design of hardware and software to the sewing factories. In the area of domestic sewing machines and knitting machines, Brother is increasingly meeting specialized needs by offering machines that, because of their ease of use, allow users to experience the joy of creating original fashion products. With the aim of maintaining our position as the world's number one producer of apparel manufacturing appliances, with a wide range of products, Brother is setting new standards in the industry.

fashion directory  Chin Young Co., Ltd.: Manufacturer of needles for the knitting industry.

fashion directory  Fukuhara  (Japan)

  • Single Knit Jersey Machinery
  • Double Knit Jersey Machinery
  • Electronic Jacquard Machinery

fashion directory  GCL India (P)Limited:  is a pioneer in Woven sack and Knitting technology in India. Their rich experience of two decades in manufacturing woven sack, hitherto prompted them to integrate backwards into machine building in 1985. They manufacture various models of 4 Shuttle, 6 Shuttle and 8 Shuttle Circular Weaving machines for the production of HDPE/pP fabric for packaging Cement/fertilisers/food Grains/salt/chemical/ tarpaulins and also for FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) and other Big Bag applications.   They have supplied about 4000 machines in India and many overseas locations like CIS countries, African continent, Middle east etc., a few to mention. GCL's customers are satisfied using our machines due to its inherent properties like High Productivity, Low maintenance, User friendly design, Interchangeablity etc.,  Address:  N0.419,10th Main, Peenya Industrial Estate, II Stage, Bangalore.  India. 560 058.  Phone: 91-80-8362500 ( 8 hunting lines)  Fax: 91-80-8362525   Email: or  Contact: Narayan Raghavan,General Manager(Marketing)

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: 4 Shuttle, 6 Shuttle and 8 Shuttle Circular Weaving Machines
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Raschel Knitting Machines for the production of Mosquito Net, Agro Shade Net, Onion Bags, Construction Safety Net etc.,
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Automatic Woven Bag Cutting & Sewing Machines
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Turnkey Projects for Woven Sacks Manufacturing
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Turnkey Project for Tarpaulin Manufacturing
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Turnkey Project for Knitted products Manufacturing.

fashion directory  Harry Lucas GmbH & Co. KG: Circular knitting machines from 1/12" to 32" in single- and double-jersey. Circular warp knitting machines from 1/12" to 12". Packing braiders and other special textile machines.

  • Circular Warp Knitting Machines
  • Single Jersey Knitting Machine
  • Double Jersey Knitting Machinery

fashion directory  Kingknit Machinery Company (Taiwan):  is a leading manufacturer of advanced knitting machines based in Taiwan. They serve both domestic (Taiwan) and most Southeast Asian markets (China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore) and are quickly entering European and U.S. markets.  They design and manufacture a broad range of equipment.  Their product lineup includes: Single Knit Series: High Speed 4-Track, High Speed 2-Track, 3-Thread Fleece, Jacquard. Terry Series: Standard Terry, 2-Track PK Terry, Reversed Plating Terry, Double-Face Terry. Double Knit Series: High Speed 2+4 Track, Rib, Jacquard.

fashion directory  Knit Master: Electronic control systems for textiles. Textile equipment and machinery. yarn control systems for yarn length, yarn measuring and winding.

fashion directory  Karl Mayer: Tricot machines, raschel looms, weft insertion, warping units, composites, geotextiles, netting and more than 60 types of warp knitting machines.

fashion directory  Lonati S.p.A. :(Italy)  circular knitting machines for hosiery mills.  The company is based on an area of 80,000 square metres of which 77,500 are occupied by buildings. It is located in the San Polo area in the Italian city of Brescia and employs 650 specialised staff.  Lonati produces approximately 8000-9000 hosiery machines each year and has 35 models in production.

fashion directory  Mayer Cie.: Production of single and double circular knitting machines, and accessories. They also manufacture braiding machinery.  Agents throughout the world.

  • Circular Knitting Machinery
  • Single Jersey Knitting Machinery
  • Double Jersey Knit Machinery
  • Jacquard Machinery
  • Plush Knit Machinery

fashion directory  Merz (Germany) machinery for producing knit fabric.  They have been manufacturing knitting machines since 1900 and are a fourth-generation family-owned business.

fashion directory  Monarch Knitting (United Kingdom): The Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation was founded in 1961. The company has entered the new millennium, carrying with it a reputation as the world's leading supplier of single and double jersey knitting machines. This reputation has been built on many years of painstaking research and development, backed by a philosophy of continuous improvement. Monarch's long-standing partner in this process has been Fukuhara, a noted Japanese designer and builder of circular knitting machines for over 70 years. Monarch has offices in the USA, and international branches and factories in England, Japan and Canada.

Single Jersey Machinery

Double Jersey Machines

Rib fabric Machinery

Jacquard Knit fabric Machinery

fashion directory  Montrose Textile Machine Co., Inc.: Circular and flat knitting machines for sweaters and more. Solutions for the knitwear trade. New and used industrial knitting machines from Jumberca, Stoll, and Shima.

fashion directory  Nova Knitting Machinery: Manufacturer of electronic, computer controlled flat knitting machines for the textile industry. Also available are used flat and circular knitting machines.

fashion directory  Orizio (Italy): Orizio`s small (body size) and large diameter, single and double knit circular knitting machines, plus the electronic models constitute complementary realities which allow the knitting mills the exploit the most appropriate technology to meet their new fashion needs and to keep the pace with market trends. The development of new models, in conjunction with the upgrading of the existing ones continues striding on: in the ORIZIO philosophy all the machines are modular, versatile, easily convertible to other models, thus allowing you to diversify your production with a minimum investment.

  • Single Knit Circular Knitting Machinery
  • Double Knit Circular Knitting Machinery

fashion directory  Protti: Manufacturer of flat knitting machines.

fashion directory  SSangho Machinery Co. Ltd.(Korea): Since 1963, Ssangho has produced the textile finishing machinery for its dyeing and finishing systems of all types, especially for finishing knitted fabrics.  Ssangho has built up a reliable supplier of high-quality and cost-effective machinery.  They also have knitting machinery.  Address: 146-3 Kyungsinri Nammyun Yangjookun Kyungkido Korea Phone: (82)-31-867-2733  Fax: (82)-31-867-2735  E-mail:

fashion directory  Santec Precision Machinery Co., Ltd: Manufacturer of knitting machinery and accessories. Interlock knitting, multi-feeder double jersey computerized jacquard, and single and double jersey machinery.

fashion directory  Seki Co Ltd: Manufacturer and exporter of knitting machinery, jacquards and more.

fashion directory  Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd (Japan): Glove and sock knitting machines, CAD/cAM systems, flatbed machinery and sewing machines. Links to computer design and art. Articles on whole-garment manufacturing. Site can be viewed in English and Japanese.

fashion directory  Ssangho Machinery Co., Ltd. (Korea): produces finishing machinery for tubular knitted fabrics.  Since 1963, Ssangho has produced the textile finishing machinery for its dyeing and finishing systems of all types, especially for finishing knitted fabrics.  Knitting machines, dyeing machines and finishing machines.

fashion directory  Stoll UK Ltd (United Kingdom):  CMS flat bed knitting machines and SIRIX pattern preperation CAD systems.  As a 100% Sister Company of H. Stoll GmbH & Co. Reutlingen, Germany, Stoll UK is the Exclusive Agent for the entire Stoll range of CMS knitting machines and SIRIX pattern preparation systems for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

fashion directory  Sung Chang Textile Machine Company Ltd. (SCM) Korea: all types of knitting machines equipped with different functions will enable you to produce various goods such as stuffed toys, clothing, the inner layer of jacket, blankets, etc.

  • Pile Knitting Machinery
  • Plush Knitting Machinery
  • Circular Knit Machinery
  • Jacquard Knitting Machines

fashion directory  Suo Hwan Machinery Co. Ltd.: (brand name FU SAN ): manufacturer of computerized flat knitting machine in Taiwan for more than 20 years.  Address: Factory: No.32, 6 Lane, Fu San St. PanChiao, Taiwan, R.O.C.  Phone:: 886-2-22020166/ Fax: 886-2-22068352  Contact: Mr. C.C. Chao / President e-mail:

fashion directory  Taiwan Giu Chun Ind. Co., Ltd (Taiwan): Manufacturers of lace and band knitting machinery. Also, yarn crochet machinery.

circular knitting machinery  Terrot (Germany) they have been successfully developing and producing high-performance circular knitting machines in Germany for their international customer base for over 140 years. Terrot - INTELLIGENCE IN KNITTING SINCE 1862. Perfect circular knitting technology combined with the "finest Terrot knitted fabrics" is the culmination of matured machine engineering designed to sharpen the competitive edge of our international customer base. The name Terrot stands for quality and top performance in the construction of electronically and mechanically controlled circular knitting machines around the world. Maximum efficiency and an outstanding cost-to-performance ratio, combined with truly universal application and operating convenience: These are the objectives at the forefront of their machine design and development work.

  • Circular Knitting Machinery Manufacturer

fashion directory  Tien Yang Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. (Taiwan): produce the High-Quality Circular Knitting Machine for Global Knitters.  Address:  No.16, Chang Sand Road, Tu Cheng Industrial Park, Taipei Hsien Taipei Hsien  236 Taiwan  Phone: 886-2-22686106 or 886-2-22686106  Fax:  886-2-22684943  Email:   Contact:  Steven Sun / Sales Manager

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Single Jersy Circular Knitting m/c
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: 8 lock Circular Knitting M/c
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Double Face Terry Circular Knitting M/c
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Rib Circular Knitting Machine
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting M/c
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: 3-in-1 Terry Circular Knitting M/c
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: Inter rib Circular Knitting M/ C
  • Manufacturer Item # 8: Reversed Loop Terry Circular Knitting M/c
  • Manufacturer Item # 9: Polor Fleece ( Verlour Terry ) Circular Knitting Machine

circular knitting machinery  Tompkins Brothers Company, Inc (TBCI) [USA Manufacturer]designs, manufactures and sells a proprietary line of circular knitting machinery and equipment to the textile industry worldwide.  The company is located in Syracuse, New York on Oneida Street. Tompkins, celebrating its 156th year, is one of the oldest U.S. manufacturers of circular knitting machinery and equipment in the world. The Company has positioned itself for expansive growth by focusing on continued product development of a full range of machines from 3 inches to 26 inches in diameter. Tompkins offers R (rib) Frame Size I for diameters 3 through 7 inches, Frame Size II for 8 through 13 inches, Frame III for diameters 14 through 19 inches, and Frame Size IV for 20 to 26 inches. The J series produces jersey, lacoste, and terry. Frame Size I is for diameters 4 to 10 inches, Frame II and III for 11 to 26 inches. Tompkins Brothers Company's proprietary niche is the ability to offer the customer faster, more consistent production and more flexibility with interchangeable diameters that fit standardized, more compact frame size machines.

  • Circular knitting machinery manufacturer

fashion directory  Uniplet Co Ltd (Czech Republic):  producer of small diameter knitting machines for hosiery & Sock production.  Based in Trebic, Czech Republic, UNIPLET is one of only a handful of companies worldwide devoted to development and production of small-diameter knitting machines.

fashion directory  Vanguard Pai Lung Machinery Mill (USA) : In 2009, Pai Lung Machinery Mill Co. Ltd. acquired the historic Vanguard Supreme Machinery Company, thus forming Vanguard Pai Lung. Since then, Vanguard Pai Lung has created a well known name for itself in the knitting industry with over 100 years of innovative research and high quality knitting machines.  producer of Cylinders and Cams. Their state of the art cylinder manufacturing plant produces cylinders, top rings sinker dials, and rib dials of the highest quality available. Their cams are made of high quality tool steel to the most restricting tolerances. They are machined and inspected in their own plant, insuring the most up to date cam track patterns available. Have a special fabric you want to knit, contact their engineering department for help with your special needs.

  • Cylinders
  • Cams
  • Circular Knitting Machines

fashion directory  Vatek (Korea): Korean manufacturer of computerized sock and hosiery knitting machines.

fashion directory  Yang Chang Mechanism Company (Taiwan): Yang Chang is a leading manufacturer of advanced knitting machines based in Taiwan. We serve both domestic (Taiwan) and international markets  YANG CHANG is the manufacturer of main Knitting Conversion Kits for their local competitors to installed it on their machines body.  They have the experiences to cooperate with the world famous brand before. Now they are ready to serve Agent/end Users directly by their own brand YUNG CHANG.  Address:  NO.628-2,HAISHAN RD., LU CHU HSIANG TAOYUAN HSIEN,TWAIN,R.O.C Tel: 886-3-3245765 / Fax: 886-3-3248918 Home page:  E-Mail:

fashion directory  Zhenlihua Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.: Zhenlihua Circular Knitting Machine Company situated in Xinglin Industrial Zone, Xiamen, China, is founded 2000. As leading China circular knitting machine manufacturer, supplier & exporter, Zhenlihua has successively set up the sales and market service sites in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong Province in China. Products manufactured by Zhenlihua range from circular knitting machine, jacquard knitting machine, computerized jacquard knitting machine, knitting Machine spare parts, knitting machine accessories, knitted fabrics, etc. The products have been sold all over the world.  Address: No. 879, Jiahe Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China. Phone: +86-592-2203787 E-mail:  Contact: Jackie

  • Knitting Machinery
  • Single Circular Knitting Machine 
  • Double Circular Knitting Machine
  • Circular Knitted fabrics
  • Jacquard Knitting Machinery

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