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fashion directory  AMTEX  is the new name of traditional Czech circular knitting machines. However, they are not new- comers in the circular machine industry. Their company has taken over know how, production and the most of highly experienced designers, engineers, mechanics and other employees from Zbrojovka Vsetin KM, a.s., a traditional Czech (formerly Czechoslovak) manufacturer of large diameter circular knitting machines, who went into liquidation. They are now continuing the already 46-year long tradition and history of circular knitting machine manufacturing in Vsetin, Czech Republic under their own name AMTEK. They have purchased original Zbrojovka knitting machines know how and manufacturing rights and acquired key designers, engineers and mechanics with life long experience in designing and building knitting machines. However, after careful analysis they decided not to restart production as it was left by Zbrojovka but rather to innovate the machines completely to achieve state-of-the-art circular knitting machines. Of course, the good features of Zbrojovka machines, such as their stability and reliability together with the very long durability of cams, were preserved.

fashion directory  Fukuhara  (Japan)

fashion directory  G. Santis (Taiwan) G. Santis began from 1986. Mr. Sherman Lin led a group of well- experienced technicians and managers who worked on knitting factory for over 20 years, and knitting machine designers together to provide professional consultation and excellent craft work for circular knitting machine users. No matter on knitting management or knitting fabric analysis, or even on machinery design and adjustment, G. Santis can let knitting theory and practical work combine together. G. Santis well designs not only solved oil stains and lint problem for knitting factories wisely, but also let exchange and adjust machines more efficiently. So the G. Santis machines can let users feel more convenient and smooth on knitting. G. Santis' productions always consider for customers and more humanized. By complete size range and integral models, G. Santis products are various, up to date to promote technique grade, and less relying on the skill of machine operators. G. Santis' Single Jersey machines have already given high impressions on Japanese market. For G. Santis machine, there is not necessary to overhaul several time per year that outclasses other brands. One of special traits for Single Jersey machines can converse into Fleece or Terry machine, vice versa, three kinds of machine can be changeable. Other traits on needle, sinker, cam, and cylinder: According to yarn quality and materials G. Santis uses unique design on needle, sinker, cam and cylinder to match each other parts to avoid yarn knots or lint problem to spoil the fabric. For Double Knitting, G. Santis combines the theory of knitting tension and yarn carried tension as the main points on design. To vary and improve double knitting construction according customer's requirements, let knitting fabric more various and economic, and efficient. For markets trend gradually for varied fine quality fabrics, G Santis developed Rotary cam machine. On the other hand, G. Santis had gone to develop computerized circular knitting machine for seven years, and successfully created 18 Gauge transfer Jacquard machine. Its function and speed overstepped the products of other countries such as European, States, and Japan.

fashion directory  Harry Lucas GmbH & Co. KG: Circular knitting machines from 1/12" to 32" in single- and double-jersey. Circular warp knitting machines from 1/12" to 12". Packing braiders and other special textile machines.

fashion directory  Mayer Cie.: Production of single and double circular knitting machines, and accessories. They also manufacture braiding machinery.  Agents throughout the world.

fashion directory  Monarch Knitting (United Kingdom): The Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation was founded in 1961. The company has entered the new millennium, carrying with it a reputation as the world's leading supplier of single and double jersey knitting machines. This reputation has been built on many years of painstaking research and development, backed by a philosophy of continuous improvement. Monarch's long-standing partner in this process has been Fukuhara, a noted Japanese designer and builder of circular knitting machines for over 70 years. Monarch has offices in the USA, and international branches and factories in England, Japan and Canada.

fashion directory  Orizio (Italy): Orizio`s small (body size) and large diameter, single and double knit circular knitting machines, plus the electronic models constitute complementary realities which allow the knitting mills the exploit the most appropriate technology to meet their new fashion needs and to keep the pace with market trends. The development of new models, in conjunction with the upgrading of the existing ones continues striding on: in the ORIZIO philosophy all the machines are modular, versatile, easily convertible to other models, thus allowing you to diversify your production with a minimum investment.

fashion directory  Pai Lung Machinery Mill (Taiwan): There include single knitting machines (2/4 track, high speed and large diameter models), double knitting machines, rib mesh knitting machines (2/4 track and high speed models), and terry knitting machines (front-face loop, back-face loop, double face, and shearing models), and velour knitting machines.  Mechanical jacquard - Where jacquard Knitting machines (double knit, rib mesh transferred jacquard, and eye-let models) and mini jacquard knitting machines (single and double knit models). Computerized-controlled  - There are divided into main categories: computer controlled color knitting machines and computer jacquard knitting machines . computer controlled color knitting machines include: single and double knit 4/6 color stripper knitting machines and single knit 4/6 color pattern jacquard models . computer jacquard knitting machines include: single knit computer jacquard, double knit computer jacquard, rib mesh transferred pattern jacquard, single knit eye-let jacquard knitting machine, single knit float plating computer jacquard, terry jacquard models.  One of the characteristics of their knitting machines is that for any specific machine type they offer the widest range of gauge and diameter. Gauge can range from 10G to 42G, and diameter from 2 inches to 60 inches. Within there perimeters, Pai Lung is able to create a machine that meets the need of its customers, thereby establishing itself in a highly competitive position within the industry .

fashion directory  San Da Machinery Company Ltd.  (Taiwan) established since 1976, with a well developed strong base in Taiwan for 20 years. With its monthly production capacity approaching 60 knitting machines this year, the company is supplying Indonesia, Thailand, India, Hong Kong and PRC, besides Taiwan domestic market. Moreover, the company is actively, in this decade, launching its products in those developing international markets of knitting industry. Years of manufacturing expertise, progressive advancement in technology, SUNDA support the users to gain the greatest benefit by using its multi-function, interchangeable single knit as well as its double knit machines series, especially its famed Single locked / Double locked Pile machines.

fashion directory  Zhenlihua Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.: Zhenlihua Circular Knitting Machine Company situated in Xinglin Industrial Zone, Xiamen, China, is founded 2000. As leading China circular knitting machine manufacturer, supplier & exporter, Zhenlihua has successively set up the sales and market service sites in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong Province in China. Products manufactured by Zhenlihua range from circular knitting machine, jacquard knitting machine, computerized jacquard knitting machine, knitting Machine spare parts, knitting machine accessories, knitted fabrics, etc. The products have been sold all over the world.  Address: No. 879, Jiahe Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China. Phone: +86-592-2203787 E-mail:  Contact: Jackie

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