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Name Hien Au

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Age 21
Born June 1979
Sex Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 5' 3"
Weight 95 lbs.
Dress Size Small

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Pant Size 1

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Shirt Size Small I like music, karaoke, dancing, skating, and swiming as well. This is my 2nd year in college. I'm currently a full time student, and trying to get my nursing degree at TCC. I also went to "John Rober Power", and "Suzan Page" for modeling classes in Hawaii. I like sports such as swiming, and I love to work out. Some of my talents are: good in cooking, sewing, not too bad in dancing, and skating. I'm a sweet person, calme, energetic, and love to make friends with nice people. I love modeling, and I really want to try out (this is my dream, and I hope it could be come true one day.)
Shoe Size 7
State Seattle, Washington
Country USA

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