Michael Boggs  

You can contact Michael Boggs at mlboggs82@yahoo.com 

Name Michael Boggs


Age 18  Born May 1982
Sex Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 5' 10"
Weight 155 lbs.
Pant Size 29 -30's

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Hello my name is Michael Lynn Boggs. I have always wanted to become an actor or model. My past achievements have been mr. fashion at school, working in school plays as well as local plays. I was recently accepted for Exxcel modeling and talent. I have a look like no other. Kinda like a Gap boy so that's what everyone called me in school. My personality traits vary from being the center of attention to being a well mannered person. I look to follow my dream and make a name for myself that no one will forget. Ever science I was a little boy I have wanted to act and model. My hobbies include running cross country to keep my body in shape, watching tv with the mute on to study facial expressions of different actors, and letting my friends know what's going on in the world. My personal goals are to become an actor or model, and to let people know who I am and that it wont be easy to follow this dream but when I do make it, that it will pay off for working so hard at something that I love to do. My special features are my body and my bone structure that built my beautiful face, my nice skin, hair, and my teeth. Experience that I have had dealing with acting would be school plays, as well as local, being server where I have to be an actor to sell items, and to show people that i am not bashful. I believe I am full of life and I was given this talent to share with others.
Shoe Size 9
State West Virginia
Country USA


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