Wayne Kee          
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Name Wayne Kee

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Age 19  (year 2000)
Sex Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 6' 1"
Weight 160 lbs.

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Pant Size 33 / 34
I am an indepedent male living in Richmond Virigina.  I am currently sitting out a year of college, working full-time so the bills will get paid.  I have an interest in becoming a model and am pursuing my goals.  I have been told too many times by too many people that I have the look.  I am tired of letting my skills and talents go to waste, so I am putting myself out there for opportunites.  I love to write, so I consider myself a writer with my own style.  Also dancing is one of my other favorite things to do.  Other than that I just work out and stay in my apartment. 
Shirt Size 17 / 36
Shoe Size 11 1/2
State Virginia
Country USA

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