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Submitting an application does "not" guarantee admittance to become an "Apparel Search Model".   The Apparel Search Company maintains the rights to approve or decline an applicant for any reason. 

If your application is approved, the Apparel Search Company maintains the right to remove your portfolio at any time.   The maintenance and selection of material for our web pages are at the sole discretion of the Apparel Search Company.  The Apparel Search Company maintains the right to remove, terminate, change, revise, adjust, "do anything ..." with the portfolio.  If we choose to terminate your portfolio, before the year is completed, we will return the fee that you have paid for that year.

If you are under the age of 18 years, you "MUST" have parental approval "prior" to submitting an application.  If your application is approved, parental signature will be requested.

If you are under the age of 18 years, you absolutely must "NOT" submit photos or images with nudity.  This means "no" full nudity, "no" partial nudity; "no" artistic nudity, "nothing" even close to nudity.  

Important:  If you send information, images, photos etc. of "minors", be certain to first understand our policy.  Our policy is that if "we" feel that the photo is inappropriate for minors, we will most likely contact law enforcement.  We understand that it is hard for you to know what "we" will consider as "inappropriate".  Therefore, we suggest that you be very careful when submitting images of minors.  We will not be lenient when it comes to child safety.  If you are a good person, you should not be too concerned with our definition of "inappropriate".   However, if you are a bad person, you will go to jail.   Be responsible.

Apparel Search Company maintains the rights to revise our policies, pricing or legal notice at any time in the future.  Apparel Search is not responsible to distribute changes to all members or web site viewers.  If you wish to view policy changes you can check the terms and conditions on our web pages periodically (as often as you wish..).

Information, Photographs & or images that are submitted to the Apparel Search Company, become the property of the Apparel Search Company.  Your photos will be utilized to create your portfolio.  In addition, we maintain the rights to use your photos to improve the appearance and promote our web site.  We do NOT intend to sell your individual photos.  Note: if we ever sell our entire web site or company, the photos would obviously go under the control of the purchasing company.

The Apparel Search Company will provide visibility to help enhance your career.  With this added visibility, you may also be seen by people that are not so desirable.  The Apparel Search Company can "not" and will "not" take responsibility for the people or "creatures" that call, e-mail, write, stalk or contact you in anyway.  Please understand that we have no control over viewers that visit our site.  If you post your photos, contact details, etc., you do so at your own risk.

If a model agency, photographer, advertising executive, web site viewer etc. contacts you, please investigate their credentials prior to arranging a meeting.  The Apparel Search Company can "not" and will "not" take responsibility for any actions or behavior taken by these outside agencies or individuals.  The Apparel Search Company has "not" screened any of our web site viewers.  Therefore, we suggest that you always bring a friend to all of your meetings.  All meetings must be arranged at your own discretion.

Note: Apparel Search Company retains the right to change the nature & condition of this service at anytime and with out prior warning.  Don't worry, we try our best to be fair.

If you have questions regarding our policy, please Contact Us  before applying.

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