Nick Johnson  
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Name Nick Johnson

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Age 33 (year 2000)
Sex Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'11" - 1m 79
Weight 75 Kilos
Pant Size 28" Waist / 33" Inside Seam

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Shirt Size 16" Collar I would like to become invovled in the 'Commercial and Editorial' aspects of modelling.
I have had previous experience in dancing, undertaken 'Voice over' work for radio campaigns and appeared on television. Several quiz shows as well as appearing as an extra on a detective series.  In 1989, I recorded my own single, purely for the fun of it. I never did it with the intentions of persuing any career from it, it was purely for the fun of it. I left school with the intentions of becoming a chef, shortly after, I ended up in a dance group, eight months later we were doing shows in Europe. Not all fun, experience, most definitely!
I know I can do something more with my overall looks, it is simply be acknowledged of that fact that seems the most difficult.  I have a full 'British' Passport and can converse in several other European languages, French being my strongest as I speak this language fluently.  I have a full driving license and have the ability to pick up a suitcase at the a moments' notice.  All that is left to say is, I would like to think that you will want to know more about me. Until then, Many thanks for reading this brief resumé.
Shoe Size 9˝ UK / 43 US
State Manchester 
Country United Kingdom / Great Britain

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