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Kellwood Apparel is one of the leading apparel manufacturers in the United States, providing great fashion for over 50 years. Known industry-wide for the ability to identify a white space and design into it with market precision, Kellwood develops, builds and manages brands for success.

Kellwood develops and drives a wide variety of Brands that live in both brick and mortar and online retail venues across all channels nationwide.

From Juniors and Young Contemporary to Modern Missy and Dresses, Kellwood provides unparalleled expertise in the fashion marketplace.

Kellwood's portfolio includes Jolt, Rewind, Mason & Belle, My Michelle, Democracy, Briggs, reCreation, Jax and Sangria. This diverse portfolio of Women's, Junior's and Girls' apparel covers a wide range of demographics and price points that enable Kellwood to keep pace with the ever-changing fashion industry.

The Kellwood strategy puts design first while providing outstanding sales service and sourcing; the result is on trend product with fast turn times and the operational excellence to support private label programs.

Multiple showrooms in New York City's Garment Center support Kellwood's Sales Teams.

Located in the City of Industry near Los Angeles, Kellwood West is the corporate headquarters and heart and soul of the operation. Kellwood West houses a state-of-the-art pattern and sample making room enabling our brands to deliver of-the-moment styles to our retail partners. Here also resides West Coast showrooms, Sales and Design Teams along with Product Development and Shipping.

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Kellwood Fashion Company

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Kellwood cultivates and propels apparel brands to drive market share growth and profitability through superior design creativity, strong customer partnerships, and flawless product and supply chain execution.