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TEXTAN CHEMICALS (P) LIMITED TEXTAN HOUSE, 47 Fourth Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai - 600 083 INDIA

Building on the core competency achieved in enzyme production, the Textile division was started in 1996 to manufacture and supply desizing and stone washing enzymes, textile binders, cationic softeners, dye fixing agents and other textile auxiliaries. Within a short period, we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves in this competitive field too, due to our quality, timely deliveries and economic supplies. The list below gives more information about our products. Click on a product for more information.

TEXAMYLASE: is a readily soluble, non pathogenic bacterial amylase obtained by submerged fermentation. Texamylase is specially formulated for desizing/removal of starch size from textile materials.

TEXZYME AC: is an acids cellulase enzyme of fungal origin. This product is specially developed for enzyme based stone washing on denim fabrics with no back staining.

TEXDYEFIX-L: is a cationic dyefixing agent developed to improve wet fastness and perspiration fastness of direct dyes on cellulosics. Bleeding of reactive dyeing and prints is also minimised by this treatment.

TEX DYEFIX-L (NF): is an eco friendly, non-formaldehyde based dye fixing agent developed to improve wet fastness and perspiration fastness of direct reactive dyes on cellulosics.

TEXSOFTY: is a substantive softening agent developed to impart a soft handle on cotton and synthetic fabrics.

TEX BINDER M: is an aqueous based self reactive acrylic copolymer dispersion suitable as a binder for roller and screen printing. It is highly resistant to mechanical stress and chemicals.

TEXSIZE: an ideal acrylic sizing agent, is an Acrylic Polymer having functional groups which contributes to good toughness, good adhesion and excellent softening of the size films. It can be used for sizing polyester and polyester blends under varying temperature and humidity conditions with full or partial replacement of PVA.

TEX THICKENER: is an acrylic copolymer dispersion developed especially for the Textile printing industry as a partial or full replacement of costly Sodium Alginates in reactive printing and as partial replacement (30 to 50%) of Kerosene / MTO in pigment printing of textiles.

LUWET CONC: is a non ionic, liquid detergent wetting agent, stable to hard water, acids and alkalis and is compatible with anionic, cationic and other nonionic surfactants.

TEXTAN CHEMICALS (P) LIMITED was founded in 1979 in Chennai, South India. In order to widen its infrastructure and meet the increasing demand for its products, it became a corporate body in 1982. The company has taken, as its main task, stringent quality control to enable the tanning industry in India to have easy access to quality chemicals. TEXTAN CHEMICALS took up the challenging task of carving a niche for itself in the competitive field of Leather auxiliaries. Today, discerning customers in India and abroad, rely on us for quality, economy and uninterrupted supply of chemicals. The export oriented leather industry in India has benefited enormously, as these chemicals were not manufactured in the country earlier. The long list of eminent customers who have engaged TEXTAN as their permanent supplier can vouch for our claims. Recently TEXTAN has diversified into the field of Textile auxiliaries. We are one of the very few manufacturers of textile stone washing enzymes and desizing enzymes in India. The TEXTAN group of companies has diverse interests, besides leather and textile auxiliaries. The group also has a presence in Infant foods, Oleo resins, Natural extracts and Proprietary Ayurvedic medicines.

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