Shewlery Launches a New Breed of Accessory  Fashion Article Posted April 14, 2007

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Shewlery has officially launched at and the novel collection of jewelry for shoes is changing the way that women think about two of their biggest fashion obsessions. As today's fashionistas experiment with accessories by belting their sweaters, tying scarves to handbags, and wearing boots over jeans, Shewlery is in the business of teaching them how to accessorize their shoes. 

Limor Senker and Dafna Nadulek are the natural inventors of Shewlery. Limor custom designs diamond jewelry for private clients and Dafna runs her own shoe stores in New York City. Limor saw a void of originality in the way that women wear their jewelry today. Dafna was similarly frustrated with the lack of personal fashion infused in today's footwear market that is predominantly mass trends trickling down. They created Shewlery to reinvent the relationship that women have with their shoes.

The product in its simplest form, is jewelry for shoes, but we are really selling a feeling, says Dafna, because any new trend has an element of expression, personal style and confidence associated with it.

Limor and Dafna believe that fashion is about style, not a price tag. They remember being in Europe and thinking how everyone looked so put together and fashionable all the time no matter what their financial or social status was.  'shewlery is for the people, says Limor, its luxury driven, cool, and unexpected, but overall it's accessible and doable.

Shewlery solves two major problems that many women come across: Fashion changes faster than my wallet can keep up with it! as well as I'm bored with everything in my closet, I need something new! Cue Shewlery, as the perfect wardrobe energy boost.

Under the same umbrella of Shewlery, Limor and Dafna are also creating Shewcouture, for women to customize their Shewlery with stones and charms. They will soon launch Bootlery, a subdivision of Shewlery that will be more accessible and styled for a younger customer. Other kinds of Shewlery to come also are Shewels and Shew Tattoos. In 2007 there will be a type of Shewlery for every style, shape or color of shoe on the market, says Limor.

Retail prices for classic Shewlery range from $18 to $68.  Shew Tattoos will start as low as $5

Visit for more info and to bring Shewlery into your wardrobe!

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