Bavarian Boheme Rebirth of Royal Lifestyle
Fashion Article Posted December 15, 2009

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Welcome to the Rebirth of Royal Lifestyle the famous fairy-tale king. King Ludwig II turns into the
Royal Rebel! Celebrities and world of fashion celebrate the market entry of the Premium Urban-lifestyle Fashion Label BAVARIAN BOHEME!

His lifestyle was wild, the circumstances of his death mysterious and unsolved to this day. His legacy still draws millions of admirers to locations associated with his life and his regency still prevails in the hearts of all Bavarians!!!

European history gains a new and wild dimension! King Ludwig II was paid homage to as Royal Rebel und Godfather of Lifestyle at Munich's famous Marienplatz, located directly in the heart of the Bavarian mtropole.

The BAVARIAN BOHME community was already thrilled with the new fashion label even before it had captured the interest of the national market. The royal lifestyle which it represents enjoys popularity not only with European fashion magazines, TV- or radio shows but also has acquired an online fan base spanning the globe. Bavarian Boheme is already more a movement than just a usual label.

On November 20th, the much-anticipated Launching-event was held in the newly opened Vice at the Marienplatz in Munich. Rather unusual for a fashion label, there was no typical catwalk and all posh countenance was abandoned. This evening was clearly characterized by the awakening of the German fashion industry. In stark contrast to the predominantly tradition-bound fashion labels of the Bavarian mtropole, BAVARIAN BOHEME breaks the mould with its Premium Shirt Collection. Even though BAVARIAN BOHEME has its roots in traditional values, it revolutionizes these by interpreting its central figure, King Ludwig II, as a revolutionary, a rock star and a radical visionary of the 19th century.

The current collection was introduced and celebrated in unison to this maxim with a rock concert. The Canadian singer and DJane Sandy Duperval from Montreal appeared specifically for this event and played the BAVARIAN BOHME Hymn composed for the label kickoff with the local rock band Old Age Revolution. Models and musicians alike presented the collection. 

An exclusive round of 150 prominent guests from TV and showbiz, fashion and lifestyle and close friends celebrated the new fashion label until the break of dawn. 

Various Royal Shirt Designs belong to the repertoire of the BAVARIAN BOHEME collection matching the claims of international high-fashion labels with premium-quality materials and crystal and velvet applications. These shirts are not only an article of clothing but convey a message of the visions and values of Ludwig II: Cosmopolitanism, liberalism, individuality, nonconformism and tolerance! The product lineup will be complemented with a variety of tops, shirts and blouses, jackets and coats, shoes and various accessories (belts, scarves and gloves, hats, necklaces and bracelets, rings, etc.) All invariably fitted with royal adornments such as striking buttons, rivets, crystals and wide collars.

A sale of the current collection was held for the Fahra AIDS Foundation, which was chosen as charity partner in accordance with the child-labor free and fair trade BAVARIAN BOHEME theme. The guests used this opportunity to support a good cause and also get a head start on Christmas shopping. 

The BAVARIAN BOHEME Collection is currently available at selected European retailers and deliverable worldwide at

Find all information about BAVARIAN BOHEME at


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