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Fashion Shopping News Article Posted October 26, 2009


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Brooklyn based online vintage clothing store, announces the launch of its website with an eclectic and varied womens vintage clothing collection ranging from 50's Party Dresses to 80's Disco styles, vintage accessories, vintage bags, hats, furs, and coats.

Purchasing Vintage clothing is the ultimate in recycling and green living. Each wonderful piece had a former life in a different time and place, and you have a chance to brand it with your own touch of uniqueness while supporting a sustainable environment, says Owner Adelina Winfield. Spoonbread VintEdge carries clothing and accessories to suit all your vintage needs. Each item is carefully hand picked from bygone eras.

Adelina explained, "I love all things vintage the items were made with precision and pride back then and it still shows today.

Adelina brings her fashion background and discerning eye to Spoonbread VintEdge, carrying trendy treasures and cool classics that will make you a unique standout at the office or at the club.

Spoonbread VintEdge ships in the U.S., Canada, and International.

Learn more at www.spoonbreadvintedge.com

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