Refurbishing Clothing and Reprocessing Clothing for the Apparel Industry

Label changing, re-packing, deodorizing, ticketing, cleaning etc.

To refurbish something is to renovate, fix, freshen up, brighten, etc.  The garment industry will refurbish clothes, shoes, accessories, etc., if the product has quality concerns or other reasons.  A refurbishing project is not always based on trying to fix damages.  It is very possible that garments are in perfect condition, but the factory may have put the clothes on the wrong model hanger or attached an incorrect price ticket, care label, etc.  You will find many reasons for the need for some sort of refurbishing (corrective action).

Refurbishing Clothing & Footwear

Warehousing Apparel

Commercial Laundry Services


Reverse Logistics Services

Upcycled Fashion

Refurbishing Services for the Clothing Industry

fashion directory  Apparel Amendables Inc.: they provide finishing services such as distribution, prepackaging, folding, ticketing, trimming, heat sealing, pick N Pack, repackaging, bagging, steaming, label changes. They have an extensive sewing department. They have over 15 years at the same location. Address: 10105 N.W 88th Ave. Miami, FL 33178 Phone # 305 883-8500 Contact: Alan Brumel

fashion directory  Apparel Finishing Group (USA): in addition to sewing, pressing and inspections, they have extensive washing and cleaning facilities.  They have 9 docks and approx. 100,000 square feet of space.  Address: 250 Belmont Ave. Haledon, NJ 07508 Phone # 973 942- 6800 Contact: Vinny Musarra or Michael Moralus

fashion directory  ELI Fashion Inc: Change labels, Change hangtags, Attaching Patches, Repressing, Repacking, Remove stains, Repair defects, Remove odor, Repair fabrics etc.  New Jersey & Los Angeles.

fashion directory  Floor-Ready Services, Inc.: Floor-Ready Services offers fast, accurate reprocessing of high- and low-volume hard and soft line goods for wholesalers and retailers.  They employ a 100% full-time workforce and process in excess of 30 million units annually in their 130,000 sq. ft. facility.  They also have an 80,000 sq. ft. satellite warehouse that allows them to accept large-volume, long- or short-term projects, and provide JIT outbound shipments on finished goods. If you have an out-of-the-box problem, they will find a creative, customized solution that exceeds your expectations.  Address: 94 Glenn Bridge Road Arden, NC 28704 Phone: 1-828-651-8504 Email: Contact: David Hemphill – VP Business Development

Here's a snapshot of their capabilities:



Inventory Sorting


Grading Tag mark-out

Remove Tickets

Remove Labels

Ticket Garments

Label Garments

Sticker Garments

Fold Clothing

Press Clothing

Bag Clothing

Hang Bulk pack

Solid-size pack


Floor displays


Box labeling

kitting Store-specific compliance

fashion directory  Jam Warehouse (California): JAM Warehouse's Distribution centers are equipped to assist with all of your distribution needs. From garment repairs, sewing and ironing, transloading for rapid over-the-road delivery to inland destinations, to DC bypass with direct Distribution from the West coast, they look forward to assisting as your Third-Party Logistics partner on the West coast.  Some of their other specialties include pressing, folding, tagging and packaging garments. Their facilities provide the levels of service required to satisfy the needs of the Mass retailers as well as Boutique shops. Their knowledge of compliance requirements, in conjunction with the service offerings of Storage and Distribution & Fulfillment means your merchandise is shipped correctly and on time. Please contact them via their web site or by calling their Sales Department at (310) 532-4526.

  Laundry Specialties: Laundry Specialties is a commercial laundry which specializes in processing garments for the apparel industry. Some of the services they provide are: Garment Washing, Enzyme Washing, Stone Washing, Bleaching (Denims Etc.), Fix Wash (Crocking Etc.) and Silicone Wash.  They also provide rework services & packaging. Contact Richard or Chuck Address: 431 N. Jordan Street Allentown, PA 18102 Phone: 610-351-3860 

  Magna Cleaners Inc (Pennsylvania): Magna Cleaners provides commercial laundry service to a variety of clientele. Their facility is equipped with the latest washing, drying and finishing equipment. They process everything from bulk commercial laundry down to single piece sample lots. They also provide garment washing, enzyme washing, stone washing, bleaching (Denims Etc.), fix wash and silicone wash. They also do rework services & packaging.  Address: 361 W. Gordon St. Allentown P.A 18102 Phone: 484-894-8906 E-mail:  Contact: Al Fodero 

fashion directory  Micara Trading LLC : Micara Trading LLC has in excess of thirty years of expertise in Warehousing, Logistics, and Special Services. Their wealth of experience, resources and trade partnerships offer exceptional solutions that can help your company with a vast array of problem solving issues, whether it be on the East or West Coast. They pride themselves in taking on your problems and resolving them to your satisfaction.  They have the ability to handle both soft lines and hard goods, across a myriad of industries.  A sampling of their various services: Warehousing/distribution, Trucking/ Logistics, Garment Repair & Corrections, Packaging/recycling, Screen Printing/embroidery, Dry Cleaning/laundering, Ozone/odor removal, and Excess inventory liquidation. Visit their website and contact them for a FREE price quotation. Any inquiries or questions can be emailed to or simply call 732-742-1070.

fashion directory  Professional Distribution Services: Third Party Logistics Provider that specializes in imported apparel. Full service order fulfillment capabilities that include prep / pack, repair, heat transfer, patch application, inspection, and relabeling, B2B and B2C. Central east coast location with over one million square feet.  PO Box 4991 Martinsville, Va 24115 Tel: 276-656-3263 Fax: 276-656-3200 Email:   Contact: Coney Gentry General Manager

fashion directory  Prompt Warehousing:  is the largest apparel logistics specialist in the Tri State area.  Their home of 1/4 million sq. ft. offers all types of service to the apparel and all industries with a professional labor force of well over a hundred employees.  Their experience and devoted staff will handle your freight to your utmost satisfaction.  Address: 10101 Foster Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11236 Phone: 718-927-2222  E-mail:

Warehouse Services

  • Storage-long term or short term
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Quick turn around shipments
Trucking Services
  • Pier pickup-full container and loose freight
  • Air freight pickup
  • Deliveries to consolidators
  • Deliveries throughout USA & Canada
  • Deliveries to local stores and retailers


Labor Services
  • Pick and Pack
  • Quality control
  • Ticketing
  • Repairs - Refurbishing
  • Hanging
  • Heat transfers
  • Fold & Flat Pack 
  • Heat Seal (patches)
  • Label Change Pressing


fashion directory  Quality Corrections & Inspections: Apparel & garments of all kinds can be damaged while being imported from overseas. Whether due to weather, mishandling, or a manufacturing issue, there are many reasons why imported clothing may not arrive as expected, and that’s where this company comes in. From socks to sweaters, Quality Corrections & Inspections can tailor an apparel repair solution to meet your needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Their professional team solves complex problems that occur during the manufacturing or shipping processes. They offer comprehensive garment repair and alteration services for the largest challenges you face.

fashion directory  North Bay Distribution, Inc.: Their Specialties: Warehousing / Storage, Receiving / Shipping, Order Processing, Order Picking, Traffic Management, Transportation.  Their Value Added Service: Specialized Pick / Pack Operations, Cross Docking, Bar-Coding, Re-Packaging, Ticketing, Order Consolidation, Electronic Data Interchange, Inventory Control, Management Reporting, On-Site Repair Sewing and Re-labeling, quality Control Inspections.  Key Benefits: Reduce Costs, Increase your staff productivity, Enhanced Company Image, Avoidance of rental or leasing of expensive warehouse space, Elimination of warehouse equipment and labor, Accurate inventory and Reporting Capabilities. Professional Dependable Services, Competitive Pricing, Extensive Resources, Services on local, Domestic, or Global Scale. State of the Art Warehouse Management Services and Support.   Experience:  Their dedicated team of professionals has a proven passion for the distribution business for more than 25 years.  They ship to major retailers such as: Federated, Macy's, Nordstrom, J.C. Penny's, Mervyns, Sears, The Gap Companies, QVC, Costco, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Individuals All Around the World.  Address:  2029 East Monte Vista Avenue Vacaville California  95688 United States  Phone: 707-761-0736 Email: Contact: James Schaefer ; Sales Manager

fashion directory  Quality Corrections & Inspections: they are a company that provides Refurbishing services for all types of apparel. Their primary category is Refurbishing. Apparel & Footwear Rework, Repair & Inspection Services for Manufacturers,Importers, Retailers and Catalog / Mail Order. Apparel services include: Refurbishing Reticketing, Relabeling, Spot/stain Cleaning, Sew-in-Label Changes, Sewing Repairs/alterations, Button Replacements, Mold/mildew Removal, Deodorize & Sanitize with Ozone Chamber, Sorting, Packaging, Contract Cutting & Stitching, 100% Inspection. Footwear Services Include: Upper Refinishing, Stitching Repairs, Hardware Replacement, Mold/mildew Removal, Reticketing, Relabeling, Packaging, 100% Inspection. Volumes from 100 - 1,000,000. 17 yrs. experience - Major Apparel & Footwear businesses. (East Coast Facility) 611 Baker Lane Duncansville Pennsylvania 16635 USA Phone: 800-340-8384 or 814-696-3737 Fax: 814-696-3734 Contact: Stacey Burket: Director of Sales and Client Support Email: (West Coast Facility) 882 American Pacific Drive, Suite A Henderson, NV 89014 Phone: (702) 719-2322

 fashion directory  Quality Plus Apparel LLC: Quality Plus Apparel LLC has an expert staff with years of experience in the sewing industry. They specialize in providing repair and refurbishing services to the apparel industry.  Their flexible staff is capable of many pre-retail services to assure your product meets vendor requirements. Address: PO Box 5, 305 Baker Lane, Bakersville, NC 28705, Phone: 828-688-5920. Contact or 

Services provided include: Sewing contractor (cut and sew of various products) Audit services which include:

They provide these services to LS&Co, VF Jeanswear, Wrangler, Rag & Bone, Columbia Sportswear, Mountain Hardware, and The Cutey Booty among others.

fashion directory  Round House Mfg. Co. (USA)  Production American made manufacturer of bib overalls and work clothing.  Low minimums and fast turns.   Can do full package services.   Refurbishing Clothing Centrally located in the U.S.   They can do repairs, repackaging, inspection and shipping of work clothing.   Contact Jim Antosh   Address: 1 American Way Shawnee, OK 74804 Phone 405-273-0510  Contact: Jim Antosh e-mail:  

fashion directory  Santa Fe Finishing: Santa Fe Finishing provides quality garment finishing services for the apparel industry.  Address: 2460E 12th St  Unit C Los Angeles California 90021  Phone: 213 627-5858 Fax:  213 627-3830  Email: Contact:   Barry Forman, President

fashion directory  Sarah Lynn Sportswear, Inc. (USA): Sarah Lynn Sportswear is a full service sewing contractor with over 30 years of experience in ladies, children's & men's apparel. They are an approved contractor for Ann Taylor, Nordstrom's and Vanity Fair. Whether you are looking for Polo's or Tee's; Knits or Woven's they are your one-stop source for quality apparel.  Their extensive inventory of equipment, including many specialty machines ensures that they can meet your needs.   Pattern Service, Cutting, Sewing, Packaging, Rework (Repair Service), Garment Washing.  Address: 431 N. Jordan Street Allentown, PA 18102 Phone: 610-770-1702  Contact: Richard Koury

fashion directory  Seams Reasonable, Inc.:  Providing refurbishing and repair services to the apparel industry, including relabeling, sew-in label replacement, spot/stain cleaning, button/hardware replacement, sewing repairs or alterations. No job too big or too small. In business since 1996.  Address: 714 Lafayette Rd. Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150 Phone: 615 699-3946email:  Contact: Toby Russell

fashion directory  Sort & Pack: In Business since 1996 warehouse and processing specialists for the clothing industry -pallet storage -sorting, inspection of merchandise for quality, measurement, color, shade, size -pack for distribution including gift set packaging -pick up and delivery services and corporate discount with major freight carrier -returns and sell off processing -printing labels, including UPC labels -pick and pack distribution -damaged freight repacked -sewing and mending services -laundry services.  They service wholesalers / jobbers and retailers nationwide. newly built facility, work days/nights/weekends.  They can take your clothing problems and create solutions.   Member-National Association of women business owners Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce WINGS-Women in New Growth Stages 1998 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  They also offer import / export services. Address:  650 Taylor Station Road, Columbus, Ohio 43230 614-868-7678 phoneContact: Renee' Claxton E-mail:

fashion directory  Statco Warehouse, Inc.: For over 75 years, Statco, Inc. has been providing best-in-class pick & pack warehousing, distribution, storage, and web fulfillment services to the apparel industry. Statco's facility, just one mile from New York City, offers 600,000 square feet of warehousing space and 25 bay doors. Statco has partnered with some of the most successful fashion labels including Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Alvin Valley and Marc Jacobs, and warehouses all types of apparel including flat-pack, goods on hanger (GOH), footwear, linens, handbags and all other accessories. Statco is a member of the Telesco & Associates family which operates facilities totaling in excess of three million square feet of space, coordinates a distribution fleet of over 50 trucks, and employs more than 2,000 men and women.  Their warehouse also offers a Special Services department. This group of individuals provide services such as garment ticketing, garment hanging, odor removal, steaming, cleaning, pressing, and mending. We handle mixed lots and sort by style, color, size, quality, country of origin, fabric content and repack into saleable repacks Address: 301 16th St. Jersey City, NJ 07310 Phone: 201-792-7000 E-mail:  Contact: James Marzano 

fashion directory  Stock-Solutions (United Kingdom): they BUY your quality surplus & residual chain-store clothing. They also sell quality chain-store clothing to the wholesaler and discount retailer.

fashion directory  Total Solutions & Logistics Corp.: In business since 1997 refurbishing all types of apparel and footwear.  Repair and inspection services for Manufacturers, Importers, Retailers and catalog / Mail Order. Apparel services include: Reticketing, Relabeling, Spot and Stain Cleaning, Sew in label change, Sewing repairs/ Alterations, Button replacement, 100% inspection, Mold/ Mildew removal, Screen Print, Embroidery, Heat transfer, Heat seal labels, Vacuum seal bags, Pre-ticket, Pressing for knits and Woven's, Steam tunnels, Pick up and Delivery, Quality Control Audits, All types of Hanging and Folding, Pick Pack.  Address: 102 Trinity St. Fairmont, NC  Phone 28340 910 - 628 - 7007 E-mail:  Contact Danny

fashion directory  Without A Trace: reweavers of fine apparel and leather care services.  Without A Trace knows the proper approach for handling and processing your shearling, leather or suede garment.  It is not unusual for them to spend several hours per garment. They pride themselves on many years of experience on the most expensive garments in the fashion industry.  Reweaving holes, tears, rips, burns, etc.

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